Feed Your Soul

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An ancient Greek Dramatist said that the safest and best thing is to be able to keep a balance in one’s life by acknowledging the power in you and the one around you. If you can do it and you are able to live it then you will be a wise man.

Do you punish yourself by doing a ruthless work routine? Have you ever forgotten to feed the soul as you feed the body? Then you have to begin to do something that will give you inner happiness. You can visit a park and take a walk listening to the chirping of birds. Take time to go for swimming, read classic literature or you can even listen to a good song.

Even if you find yourself in the center of the maddening rush at office, you can close your eyes and try to visualize any oasis full of water and greenery in your head. Take a walk into your mind and try washing your face using the sparkling waters from that oasis. In time when you open your eyes, you will feel balanced, fresh and you will be ready to take your work again. Therefore, you have used your soul to uplift your body.

Take time to exercise, you can begin to practice transcendental meditation or yoga. You can also think about playing tennis or to walk down stairs instead of using the elevator. The endorphin that is induced by exercising can be a reward for your body’s effort. When your body is rejuvenated, you will be able to lift up your tired soul.

The soul and the body can work always in turn to make the other happy. You already know that the inner soul loves your physical body and it will always run out to help. However, most of the time it is the body that forgets the soul and it can refuse its advice and the body can suffer as a result.  If your body and your spirit are able to join forces then there is nothing that can stop you in this world.

The best way that you can use to recharge the soul is to give love to different beings such as animals, humans or plants.  When you give, you will awaken your love that is within you and within these other beings. If you emanate negative energy then it can be reciprocated to you. There is nothing greater than the person who is able to give love to the one who has hatred.

The important word here is balance, becoming caught up with your spirituality can be dangerous as can be being obsessed with your body. Gullible people who seek nirvana can fall prey to doomsday and fraudsters like David Koresh. You are your own best teacher and you have to look within yourself and outside yourself. Your outer world and inner soul can be like yin and yang affecting and circling one another. 


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