Balance Between Spirituality And Sexuality

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A mutual and satisfied sexual act can be of great benefit to any woman since it is the magnetism of healthy living – Margaret Sanger.

The role of a healthy and balanced sexual life is sometimes ignored when people want to reach a spiritual and physical equilibrium. On the one hand, there are women and men who are not satisfied with the sexual life they live; on the other hand people fornicate without a limit looking for true fulfillment. Let us think about a few relationships between sex and the spirit.

With the modern lifestyle when there is too much stress on people with demanding careers and educational years that have increased, many people are living with a dysfunctional or a nonexistent sex life. If someone has imposed self-abstinence, then there is no problem. However, most people can feel imbalanced and frustrated if they do not live a healthy sexual life for some years. The combination of childhood abuse and repressed sexuality can lead to a mix that will result in a deviant behavior or sexual crimes.

Promiscuous behavior can also bring on a pattern of living an unsafe sexual life with guilt baggage or assorted negative emotions. Unsuccessful relationships can fuel this exploration further and can lead to a trail of many one-night stands and divorces.

The important goal that it is sought out is the quest to have a loving woman and man who have come together to complete their spiritual and sexual lives. You will never find anything more satisfying than to fall asleep with your arms around your loved spouse after a great session of lovemaking. You will also be more satisfied if you know that kids are sleeping in the next room. This is because sex was invented by God to fulfill the procreation purpose. Even if a healthy sex life can bring a balance in the couple’s life, it turns to gold if children also enter into it.

Passionate and creative sexuality towards one another’s needs may help to keep a marriage hot for long. Having a zest for life can lead to healthy sex and the opposite is true too. A wife and husband can become yin and yang for one another, therefore reaching a balance between their lives is imperative and they can also reach that balance for individual soul, body and mind. 


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