How to Give Great Advice On Getting Rid Of Your Acne

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Acne can seem like a curse to many teenagers. It can be a sensitive subject and can affect their social life as well as their confidence. This article can help them too better understand the causes and the treatments that can be effective. Over the counter products can help but some cases do require medical treatment.

Some prescription antibiotics are used to treat chronic acne issues. Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline are used for a month or more to clear any infections in the skin. This gives the immune system a break, and allows any current breakouts to heal before discontinuing treatment. Antibiotics are an effective option for many people, but your eligibility for this treatment depends on your medical history.

A honey mask can do wonders to cure an acne prone face. Honey has antibacterial properties and can be a soothing solution to even the worst acne break outs. It is also a very gentle product to use on sensitive skin. Use the mask once or twice a week for best results.

Do not drive yourself crazy if you have a few pimples. Mild cases of acne are more likely to go away on its own than serious breakouts. Use a gentle cleanser with Salicylic acid and wash daily. Even if you are tempted, make sure not to touch your face or mouth.

To help prevent a break-out, it’s important to keep your hands clean and avoid touching your face. Our hands can pick up all kinds of germs and bacteria from our everyday activities, so keeping your hands away from your face can help prevent an acne flare up. If you do have to touch your face, wash your hands first.

If you’re an acne sufferer, but you still want the sun-kissed glow of your darker counterparts, go for a sunless tanner. Be very careful to choose an option which says it is non-acnegenic and doesn’t contain oil. Test it first on a hidden spot, like your ribcage, to ensure it doesn’t turn your bright orange (unless you like the Jersey Shore look!)

As was noted in the beginning of the article, acne can be an emotionally painful condition. You shouldn’t hesitate to consult a doctor if your acne truly bother you and affects your social life. By taking the steps outlined in the article, you can first try them to see if there are results. If not, then the doctor can certainly help you to get it under control.


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