How to Make Thai Papaya Salad

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With assorted spices and many exotic fruits and vegetables you are inclined to be curious. If you are the curious type here is an addictive spicy, sweet, and sour salad that makes for a perfect pick me up. This particular dish can be enjoyed throughout the year but is mostly enjoyed during the summer months. Let’s get started if you would like to make this Thai Papaya Salad.

Step 1: Peel the green skin off of the papaya. Then, use a cheese grater to shred the papaya length wise into your mixing bowl.

Step 2: Lay all of your prepared ingredients in front of you. Now, put on your disposable gloves. Then, take your mixing bowl that has the shredded papaya in it already and combine in all of the other prepared ingredients.

Step 3: Using your gloves briefly mix the papaya and all of the other ingredients together in the mixing bowl. Serve the Thai papaya salad immediately so that it does not lose it’s flavor. Enjoy this unique Thai papaya salad!!!

All the things you will need to make Thai papaya salad:

* 1 cup of fresh green papaya (sliced length wise with a cheese grater to shred papaya)
* 4 green or red chili of your choice (minced)
* 1 garlic clove (crushed)
* 5 crushed roasted peanut
* 4 teaspoon sugar
* 4 cherry tomatoes thinly sliced
* 1 teaspoon of fish sauce
* 1 teaspoon of shrimp paste
* 1 teaspoon of lime juice
* 1 bowl
* 2 disposable gloves


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