Why Start a Home Business?

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      It’s not news that these are uncertain economic times. We are told on a daily basis that the economy is on the rebound, but that rebound is slow at best. If we’re lucky, our family’s one to two incomes is adequate to cover the needs and a little more for the family. Our financial goals are going to work, getting our paycheck at the end of the week then pay bills, going to the grocery store, and if we’re really luck, putting something away to meet future obligations such as children’s college tuition, or retirement.

             But what happens when one or both incomes no longer exist? The first thing that comes to mind is for someone in the family to get another job. But we have discovered in recent years that there aren’t always jobs available.  This is probably one of the best reasons for starting a home business. It allows the family to have a third income to depend upon. The best time to start a home business, though, is not when the job no longer exists. It is much better to begin bringing in this third income while securely attached to a job.  

     We have forgotten that traditionally alternate income streams were produced every household. Households grew gardens, raised animals, had orchards, produced yarn and cloth, making candles and soap. Many of them developed skills through apprenticeship programs from skilled craftsmen such as coopers, wheelwrights, blacksmiths, ferriers, doctors, midwives, and many similar necessary skills. Skills were developed from the home and used to support the family. Although many of these skills are no longer used, the principles behind these skills still apply in our high tech world.

     Another reason to start a home business is so that eventually one or both adults in the family would have the flexibility to work from home. Parents are able take time off in their schedule to go to events or appointments involving their children.  They can get involved more in community projects.  An individual may decide to work from home so that they can care for an ailing parent.

      Still another reason to start a home business is so that you can start earning extra money to pay for those things in life that are often put off by more immediate concerns. Perhaps you want to earn extra money to pay for a trip or a vehicle for your son or daughter. Perhaps you want to buy better clothes. A home-based business can developed to supplement your income to provide for the things that your regular income cannot provide.

      Home business opportunities sometime have even further benefits. Some of these businesses offer prizes and incentives to win. Reaching incentives increases self-esteem and builds self confidence that anything is achievable. These are also reasons to start a home business.

      Having a home business can also improve the way you relate to people on your job. Your confidence from your home business will also resonate from you while you are on your job. You will be someone that your employer may eventually find irreplaceable. That will definitely be a plus if your employer has to choose between you and another employee for the pink slip.

       But I don’t have a home business for any of these reasons. Writing from home for me is my business and my passion. I have this home business because I love writing.I have made it my home business because I love doing it. I have decided that I want to make it more than just my hobby.  It is a business and no matter what else I am doing, I am working from home writing books and articles to make an income. Now that I have made up my mind that is what my writing is, is a business, I have to convince everyone else around me that writing is my business, but that. . . .IS another article.


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