Myths Regarding Face Lift Surgery

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Rejuvenation of the aging face with the help of face lift surgery continues to be one of the most commonly known facial plastic surgery procedures in New York City. Following are some of the most common misconceptions that individuals have regarding face lifts:

Myth: I will have to wait until I am older enough to have a face lift:

The truth is that you don’t have hold back until you are at least 50 to undergo a surgery. Despite the fact that many think a face lift is actually for older people, there are various types of facelifts and neck lifts that you can have as soon as you are in your 30’s and 40’s. It is possible to have a fresher looking neck and jaw line nowadays by having a smaller or more limited operation than waiting to have a big one later in life.

Myth: I do not like my droopy neck but I don’t need a facelift:

A face lift is not something that everyone may think of. It does not reform you completely from the scalp to the bottom of the neck. It is a variety of procedures that works on the jowl area and the neck etc. It could be a process as simple as liposuction of the neck or tightening of the neck muscles. It can also comprise of different levels of skin lifting and tightening around the areas of neck, cheek or jowl.

Myth: If I have a face lift now, I will require it more as I turn old:

It cannot be denied that a face lift does not last forever, the aging troubles will return gradually but they would be less severe for sure. Thus, one would just require a minor tuck-up procedure years later for cheek and jowl. This process is minimally invasive and is not at all similar to a complete facelifts.

Myth: The people who have face lift look pulled too tight and unnatural:

This is certainly not the case as a face lift surgery creates a natural look and does not render an operated look. The tight look is kept off by tightening the tissues under the skin and not doing the same on the outer skin. In short, the lifting is performed on the inner skin rather than outer skin.

Myth: I wish to have a facelift, but I am scared of the scars that would be visible:

It is to be known that the well-placed face lift incisions are designed to be hidden and these incisions are not any more placed in front of the ear. Rather, they are placed inside the ear. Incisions around the hairline are placed in such a way that the hairline’s position is not altered. With the help of this approach, even the males and females with short hair can comfortably have a facelift without the fear of scarring afterwards.


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