The Real Benefits Of The Skin Tightening Intervention

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Aging is a biological process accelerated by certain factors such as sun exposure, the layers of bronze, smoking, bad makeup and skin dehydration. Fortunately enough, the plastic surgery procedure known as skin tightening can help diminish the effects of aging and improve the appearance of the skin for every patient.

Facial aging consists of three basic components, namely skin and muscle deformation, loss of skin elasticity and loss of subcutaneous fat. These three aging symptoms cannot be treated only through a single operation. Facelift and mini-lift are the most common surgery interventions performed upon disposal of tissue. Pits, creases and deep wrinkles found on the neck and in the facial area can be eliminated through a total facelift.

On the other hand, the surgery known as mini-lift is ideal for patients requiring only lifting the jaws or other smaller parts of the face. The imperfections at the level of the skin and muscles can only be repaired only by a total facelift or mini-lift. In addition to this, the surface restoration method is chosen when we the patient is dealing with shallow wrinkles, blackheads, sunburns, wounds caused by acne scars and smoking. In these cases the desired results can be obtained through laser surgery.

Lipostructure is another important skin tightening operation, involving the transplanted of own fat into areas where the skin is affected by aging. These signs are usually found under the eyes, cheeks and the lower or higher lip.

When it comes to facelift, the endoscopic method is used, resulting in minimal scarring. A special camera can be introduced under the skin of the patient, offering a zoomed image that can be analyzed by the surgeon. This camera inserted through small incisions made along the forehead hairline or the entire scalp. As a consequence, small muscles and fat tissues are seen on a video monitor. With these small instruments, the plastic surgeon can correct the facial tissue under the skin carefully.

Eyebrows and circular muscles around the eyes are repaired in the same way. Eyebrow lift is also used for improving the aesthetic appearance of the eyebrows and correcting the small imperfections in this area. A small incision is usually made under the chin to correct the neck muscles, while giving a youthful appearance. Another skin incision can be made around the ear or on the hairline behind the forehead. Finally, endoscopic facelift gives a natural appearance of the body and is associated with a very short recovery period.


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