Some People Choose Surgery But There Are Alternative Ways To Quickly Remove Warts

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Although being possibly the worst type of wart to have, facial warts can be relatively easy and quick to remove, however the wart removal procedure and its after effects can be quite painful.

In many cases the ideal scenario would be to apply a medical cream directly to the face over a prolonged period to gradually clear the skin of troublesome warts, but where this is not possible or practical then many people resort to a quick method using surgery.

There is no mild way of doing this. A doctor or surgeon by definition has to go directly into the warts with a scalpel and cut them out of the skin.

A big problem that people may or may not be aware of is just how much a wart can bleed. The reason for this is that each wart actually has its own blood supply, so in most cases warts bleed heavily for many hours and can also bleed for many days afterwards if the wound is knocked, banged or scraped accidentally.

This type of surgical wound can also become quite itchy and irritating during the healing process so it is very easy for the patient to scratch off a forming scab where the wart used to be either during the day or even during sleep.

On rare occasions if the wound becomes infected then this can actually lead to scarring of the face so can end up causing a whole new set of issues, maybe worse than the actual wart itself.

It is possible these days to quickly remove warts in the comfort of your own home using creams or natural remedies which have been proven to work as well as, and in some cases even better than wart removal surgery.

Many of these wart removal methods use naturally occurring acids in natural products such as bananas and lemon to attack the fabric and foundations of a wart and so eventually cutting off the blood supply and finishing it off once and for all.

A dead wart very rarely returns, so it is generally a permanent and painless way to remove a wart quickly.

It really comes down to personal preference as to how to go about removing warts because some people can be terrified by the thought of invasive surgery and being cut on the face, so may decide on more natural methods, whereas other people may be wary of using home remedies or creams that are not necessarily proven to work in a laboratory for everyone.


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