Working in Korea

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Full of Struggle
Like a dream when I opened my eyes have been at the international airport Incheon, South Korea. Monday, July 28, 2008 I left all mine in the land of birth. “Baecksansangsa” the first company where I worked. Engaged in the production of household equipment. Located in District-dong Daejon City Kwangju-si Gyeonggi-do Province. Me and two of my friends from Indonesia and friends of Sri Lankan, Vietnamese, Thailand and Cambodia is a foreign worker in addition to more than 80 indigenous employees.
I really enjoy this work even though it will take approximately 1-3 months to adjust. Many things can be learned in this place, culture, ethics, work ethic, discipline, dedication, loyalty to the character of “Sajangnim” until “Yurisa” in “Siktang”.
I concluded that although eastern neighbor clumps, but many striking differences. Most Koreans temper so often pitched hard in educating and disciplining workers. Even a month I receive a salary, we wiped the sweat moment. But in the seventh month we decided to change companies because many of the things we stand for. According to Korea’s Ministry of Manpower regulations of a foreign worker may move from the company where she worked with an acceptable reason such as the company closed down or suspended, the payroll system is wrong as well as health problems.
Both of the latter reason makes me willing to leave this employment. Spine can not stand sitting through compassionate-twelve hours. Contradictions that arise are the symptoms of hemorrhoid. Leaving a good way, at least leave the impression all this time because what is written in the SLC has not been 100% can be met by the publishers SLC. Hopefully this becomes the input for the Employer to better deliver on all promises in the piece terikrar SLC.
Has not been closed in 2008, the World hit by the global crisis, not a few companies out of business, including in countries which it dubbed Mexico Asia. Winter complete the full story of the struggle of hundreds of workers who have lost their jobs and vacancies in every corner scramble Nodongbu.

Reaping fate.
Lady Luck on my side, a week of searching I found a job in the city next to my company first. “Daeshin Urethane ” located in the city of Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do Province. This company scale home industry that produce sponge / foam as the main ingredient sofas, car seats, seat of health, as well as other accessories.
This family-run company “Sajangnim”. I studied the whole process from production to packaging, ready to use product which then supplied to the E-Mart (One of the major supermarkets in Korea). Although only five people including Sajangnim berkaryawan, this company provides large-scale enterprises Stara facilities, including residence, meal, health insurance, pension insurance, as well as severance pay if it had worked at least one year. In addition to the traditional celebrations and national holidays as well as the big day Korea as “Sollal” or the Lunar New Year, “Chuseok” or Feast of Harvest and summer holidays I get a bonus and share in the yoke ttok and songp’yon. Although it seems strange but quite recognize it because my tongue made from rice.
“Piggy bank” me in the village began to fill, almost two months I send the outcome of an effort or “sweat crystallization” (the word mas Tukul in Four Eyes). I choose a bank with a higher exchange rate and cheaper cost in order to yield up to the Indonesian rupiah more than through non-bank remittance services.
Through the help of family in the village I was able to buy a piece of land. If at any time built a small house rather than linger in-laws live in a beautiful cottage. In addition to making independent not generally elicit a skewed impression.
Revolving seasons, not quite two years old, exactly Saturday, July 3, 2010 fate brought me back to Indonesia before the expiration of the 3-year contract. Although many times prevent Sajangnim intentions to return home but have matured. The aspiration to have a small house already materialized. At that time there is an opportunity to preach family of teachers in one private vocational school in our town (Banjarnegara, Central Java). Incidentally there is one field of study required in accordance with ijasahku sit during S1. After taking a few resistant selection, on July 7, 2010 I officially accepted a faculty member and trusted mengampu Chemistry in vocational subjects Tamansiswa Banjarnegara.



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