How to Make Dry Seasoning That Goes With Fried Calimari, Chicken Wings, Etc

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If you haven’t, you are so missing out on flavor busters!!! This mouth watering dry seasoning mix can be made very easily and store for months to come in a little salt shaker of your choice. After, you have perfected the dry seasoning mix you will want to use it on almost all your cooking endeavors . If you are ready to make your first dry seasoning mix we can go ahead and get started. Let’s began shall we.

Step 1: Go ahead and choose a small bowl of your choice, then add in all the dry ingredients in the small bowl.

Step 2: Using a small spoon mix in all of the dry ingredients together making sure everything is combined evenly (make sure there are no clumps please).

Step 3: Get an empty medium and or large size salt shaker container (make sure the salt shaker has been pre-washed an dried over night) and fill it up to your preferred amount using the small mixing spoon. You can store the dry seasoning for months to come. Your friends and family will enjoy this dry seasoning mix and will diffidently crave for more!!!

Things You Will Need To Make Dry Seasoning Rub:

* 1 empty salt shaker of your choice (prefer medium to large size)
* 1 small mixing bowl
* 1 spoon
* 3 tablespoon dried paprika
* 3 tablespoon dried basil
* 3 tablespoon sugar
* 2 tablespoon salt or sea salt
* 3 tablespoon onion powder
* 2 teaspoon of black pepper


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