How to Build a Strong Immune System

All we want to build a strong immune system, especially as we leave the winter, or plans, the city for any reason. A strong immune system is the foundation of health. Here Dr. Cerise answer six important questions concerning the construction, strong immune system balance.

First When winter comes, health concerns and goals that we need for health-conscious readers, as you investigate?

Building a strong immune system, prevent colds are, flu and respiratory diseases the most important factor, because it is winter. Although no serious epidemics such as pandemic influenza, 2009 H1N1, seasonal flu causes thousands of deaths each year, and serious complications such as bacterial pneumonia, middle ear or sinus infections and worsening of chronic diseases. Colds can not destroy our health, but can take a toll on the quality of life and productivity. The common cold can also can lead to serious health complications such as infections of the sinuses, asthma attacks, bronchitis and middle ear infections and respiratory diseases, a few weeks after the end of the cold.
Another thing to consider in winter, is the lack of vitamin D. Even in sunny places like Southern California, the solar energy in winter is lower, making it difficult for our bodies to vitamin D in sunlight, and people can influence less have sunlight. Research also suggests that vitamin D plays an important role in the immune system, making it even more important in this time of year.

Second We should be vaccinated against the flu? If not, why? If yes, what factors to consider when we make our own decisions?

Vaccination against influenza is a valuable tool in the arsenal against the flu, but should not be regarded as the only option. Remember, there are several species and strains of influenza, the flu vaccine protects against three strains should so often for the next season. In addition, vaccination against influenza does not prevent colds or other respiratory diseases.
So while the vaccine does not protect against the flu, not to provide complete protection, additional measures are needed to build a strong immune system and defend against colds and flu.

Third What methods do you recommend for a strong immune system to build in this time of year?

The goal is strong and healthy, balanced immune system throughout the year help to diseases, pests and encounter foreign invaders. System that supports a strong immune system balanced diet with nutrients that enhance the immune response without overstimulation. Is based on the research and clinical experience, I found the immune balance 23 and materials for an optimal immune response recommended, and were a combination of materials, immunity, natural food supplements consumed safely wear any day, all year.
This formula contains vitamins and minerals such as selenium, copper, zinc and vitamins A, C and E, herbs such as astragalus, Siberian ginseng extract of olive leaves and the mixture of beta-glucan, inulin, arabinogalactan, L-glutamine and probiotics. It also contains nutrients, which concentrates the body’s immune system, pomegranate, elderberry and cranberry, mushroom maitake, reishi and shiitake mushrooms and garlic balance.
The immune system is designed with a multi-vitamin D, nutrients such as child benefit formula is based on nutrients are taken away from me. There are simple steps you can take to optimize your immune system can.

4th Herbs (and nutrients) are the most effective way to boost immunity?
There are four vitamins / minerals that are important for improving the function of the immune system: vitamin E, vitamin C, zinc, and, as already mentioned, has vitamin D. In addition, astragalus root polysaccharide beta-glucan or stimulate the immune system, and the fruit of the elderberry has been used thousands of years and clinically tested on all major strains of influenza. Finally, probiotic foods and increase the number of healthy bacteria in the gut, which is a very important part of a strong immune system. Echinacea and goldenseal herbs are for a short time to give you more useful than a cold or flu, but it is not recommended for long-term or all day.
5th To reduce what activities / food / habits, the immune system?
Regular exercise, a Mediterranean diet (whole grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, lean protein, fish, yogurt, nuts and olive oil), maintaining a healthy body weight, hydration, sleep and proper treatment of stress for all life forms that have a strong immune system . promote

On the contrary, it is the practice of life and nutrition to reduce the immune system: the lack of activity / exercise, a diet high in refined foods, saturated fats, sugar and salt, overweight, obesity / lack of sleep or enough water to to drink and too much stress.

6th What is our best defense against colds and flu in winter?
Most flu viruses are transmitted by direct contact with people or objects, to distribute the virus infects. Thus, the uniform advice to wash hands frequently to avoid people who are sick, do not touch your face (the most likely entry of the virus in the body), and to avoid or disinfect surfaces (telephones, doorknobs, office equipment, etc.) of each can do much to protect. But the maintenance of a system, a strong immune system’s balance is the best defense against winter colds, the flu – and the thousands of bacteria, viruses and parasites that threaten our health all year.

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