Getting up Early The Nerdy Way

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Getting up

Getting up early is for many of us not easy. We hit the snooze button and turn around. When we then wake up for a second time and realize it’s almost lunch time we experience feelings of disappointment in ourselves and regret the loss of so many valuable hours. On a lot of websites we can find some general tips that make getting up earlier easier. Here we introduce the next step, with this system you want to rise as early as you can and staying in bed will no longer be an option.


Measuring is knowing, and turns getting up in the morning into a challenge. Every day, write down the time you get up (not the time you wake up).

Then, enter the time into an Excel sheet. Excel has a function that automatically calculates the average of all the data in a certain group of cells (a column). The function is simply AVERAGE(A1:A365), if the corresponding cells are in the A-column. Open Office and Apple have similar programs.

When you apply that function, you can see exactly what time you got up on average within a certain time period, for example 2012, or the month January.

It takes a minute every day, but the hours you save by getting up earlier easily make up for that.

The trick

The trick is that you create a game. Just as a lot of people can play games on their cell phones for hours, just to get a better score, we now try to get down our average time of rising (improving our score) .

Every day we can see the average change. It now becomes a challenge to get this average time below 7 AM or 6 AM.

Other tips

Here are some more tips for you, apart from this method, that significantly smoothen the act of rising.

  • Go to bed early

  • Put a thermos filled with coffee or tea next to your bed (and drink it first thing in the morning)

  • Set the central heating or air conditioner to create a comfortable room temperature in the morning

There is no better start of the day then watching the sun rise!


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