How to Fake Smooth And Flawless Looking Face

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If so, you don’t have to look any further this foundation will do the trick. There is a way to make your face appear smooth and flawless without looking like you’ve added way too much makeup. If your skin is not in perfect condition to begin with most likely adding face powder just won’t cut it. This foundation will feel like there is nothing on your face once it has been applied correctly. Thus; making it feel really soft and subtle. If you are ready to begin, we can go ahead and get started. Just follow my very simple steps.

Step 1: Make sure your face has been properly clean and pat dry. Place a small amount of face cream or moisturizing lotion to your face.

Step 2: Take the foundation applicator sponge and dab a little bit of M.A.C foundation on to it. Once you are done with those procedures go ahead and lightly stroke it in an outward direction beginning with your forehead and work downwards till you have reached the bottom of your chin. Please make sure that you constantly dab a little bit of foundation on to the foundation applicator sponge.

Step 3: When you have completed your foundation application go a head and put on your face powder on. You will then notice the difference right away and will be amazed.

Things You’ll Need:

* M.A.C foundation (SPF 15)
* Foundation applicator sponge
* Face cream or moisturizing lotion of your choice


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