Battle Between Memory Foam And Latex Foam Mattress

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Memory foam vs. latex mattress? Which is the wiser choice? Let us define both individually for better understanding and help ease troubles when deciding which to purchase. First, let’s define what mattresses are. Mattresses are products manufactured to be slept in or lied on. It may consist various materials and has outer foundation for cover. Mattresses are usually a part of the bed set which has its own base to refrain reaching the floor.

Memory foam mattresses relieves pressure and helps in blood circulation while latex mattresses are the healthy ones because it contains natural ingredients and more durable than the other.

Latex mattress is a type of foam that can be made naturally or synthetically. These kind of mattress is environment-friendly and instantaneously react to the body’s contours. Natural latex foam is made from rubber tree sap combined with water. The greater the percentage of rubber tree sap in the mattress, the more costly it becomes. In history, it was Brazil who supplied the world with the rubber tree that has the scientific name of Hevea Brasiliensis. The British government exported seedlings to London for development and later transported to countries in Asia such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia. In the following decades, those countries planted their rain forest with rubber tree for production.

This kind of foam has three different types namely:

100% natural Latex – purely made from processed rubber tree sap

Blended Latex – a mixture of processed rubber tree sap and man-made ingredients

Synthetic Latex – purely made from man-made ingredients

Memory foam mattress is made from polyurethane with additional chemicals that is uniquely identified for its ability to control pressure and blood circulation for utmost relaxation. The lower the density present in the foam, the faster it shapes up to the body figure. A memory foam mattress is usually denser than those of the other foam mattresses. This makes it more supportive, but also heavier in mass. Memory foam mattresses are said to have originated as a material that astronaut’s use in their flight chairs. This is done to protect astronaut’s from forces experienced as flights to outer space lift off.

Below are lists of advantages and disadvantages of both types of mattresses:


  • Can be more natural

  • Motion Isolation

  • Pain Relief

  • Not Temperature Sensitive


  • Not as Proven as other types

  • May Sleep hot

  • Heavy

  • Price

  • Glued Seams


  • Less Pain / More Comfortable

  • Little Motion Transfer

  • Durability / Longevity

  • Value

  • Dust Mite Resistant

  • No Noise


  • Initial Odor

  • Retains Heat

  • Takes Getting Used to

  • May not be for People who don’t weigh enough

  • Lack of Edge Support

Memory foam vs. latex mattress? Both types of foam mattress obtains unique significance from that of the other. The best choice to make is to purchase latex memory foam mattress to acquire the profits of both types. Having a latex memory foam mattress will result to maximum relaxation with health benefits and eco-friendliness.


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