Must Have Games for The Xbox 360

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XBOX 360 has come out with hundreds of games to make its gamers happy. There are however certain games that are must haves for the system. These games are epic and will keep any type of gamer happy for hours on end.

Halo 3

Halo 3. What more needs to be said? Halo 3 will keep anyone happy. Whether it is playing online, with friends against each other, or just playing the single player campaign. Halo 3 has a lot to offer. One of the earlier games for the 360 the price has now been reduced. Another great thing about this game is the new maps that have become available through XBOX Live. These new maps keep things interesting online as well as fights between you and your friends.

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare/ Call of Duty World At War

The Call of Duty Series never made quite the impact before it hit the 360. Every since then however Call Of Duty has made tidal waves. This all started with Modern Warfare. The first game of the series to be based off of the modern wars that have take place in the Middle East versus the World War II era. Modern Warfare was the best first person shooter since Halo 3. The in your face graphics of Modern Warfare are another thing to be desired for any 360 owner. Being able to choose what kind of troop you want to fight as is another unique part of Modern Warfare. Choose to be a sniper, light gunman, heavy gunman, or customize your own class. There are many perks to Modern Warfare including map downloads and a system of rank so you can upgrade in level online with experience gained in battles online.


Fable is one of the greatest Action Role Playing Games on the market. Now that Fable 2 has been out it has become another game to add to the list. Fable 2 takes place 500 years after the original and much has changed in its world. Also Fable 2 offers hours of new quests, new weapons, and tones of side quests to keep any gamer entertained. Fable 2 is one of the only games of the genre out and is by far the best game of the genre. This is a must have game for the 360 .

Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto 4 (GTA4), the game filled with mayhem, mischief, and madness. Go around doing whatever you like as long as it has to do with violence for the most part. Although this game is violent and I do not recommend it to anyone under the age of 18 if you are above the age, you have to get it. Based in a huge city (New York City) you control your fate. Kill as many people as you want just be wary of the police that will follow. There are tones of weapons available to purchase or find. Stealing cars is an everyday occurrence if you are playing GTA4 and the ideas of what you can do in the game are endless. Not to mention the storyline in the game itself is pretty good. An XBOX 360 owner with out GTA4 is not really one at all, keep that in mind.

Gears of War/Gears of War 2

One of the few games for the 360 where it can be said that the single player and co-operative campaigns may actually be better than the online multi player. This is nothing against the multi player online to Gears of War, it is just that the campaign is so brilliantly done that it is hard to out do. A great story line where you must save the world as you know it. Games like Gears of War are hard to come by, and it is highly recommended that this be one of your first purchases.

These are the must have games if you own a 360. Yes there are plenty of other games out there, however, almost every 360 owner will agree that these are the games you must have. If you do not, well let’s not venture there. So put down your controller, get off your couch, and go get these games if you have not already.


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