Shoe Styles And Colors in 2012

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Talk of fashion and beauty not just limited to clothing, hair, and jewelry only. Shoes are also important contributions on your appearance. Fashion shoes also became an integral part of a whole series of comprehensive fashion. Like the fashion world, the shoe also has its own trend that continues to change and metamorphose every year. Although the difference is not too flashy and dramatic, trends shoes are also changing and there are some differences in terms of models and colors.

“In this year, stilleto not be too popular,” said designer shoes Yongki Komaladi to Compass Female in the fashion show Sebastian Gunawan ‘Shanghai Swing’ at the Hotel Mulia Senayan, on Wednesday (1/11/2012) ago.

Height 7-9 cm
According Yongki, shoe model who became a trend in the year 2012 this is the model with the right shoes are large and thick, as well as other forms of the more unique and attract attention. Height of the right which is used is still fairly standard and commonly used Indonesian women, which is about 7-9 cm.

Feminine-masculine model
In addition, the shape of women’s shoes at this year according Yongki will also be many colored with shoe models that are not too feminine or lady looks but will be enlivened with a stylish shoe model slightly masculine but still there will be a touch of women in it. Also in 2012, this shoe is also somewhat more creative and fresh with bright colors like yellow, fushia, and other bright colors.

“In addition, other motifs such as the traditional batik motifs, brocade and others are also widely applied in shoes,” added Yongki. In addition, animal print motif will also return in this year’s trend, he added.
To use his own shoes material, leather designer but still an option combined with a variety of traditional Indonesian motifs. Shoe shape was found more often with a variety of models that are open on top, Indian look, or a closed model with a model of taper on the end.
As for his own men’s shoe model looks more “flirty” and not monotonous. “The shoe man has performed with a variety of bright colors like beige, orange or gray two tones, so it is not exclusively black or brown only,” he explained.

Not only that, the form also looks more stylish shoes are not only models of shoes that tend to be rigid in the form of office looks, but also forms such as leather sneakers from swede. Other forms will also be easily found is a model of men’s shoes with oval shapes, squares, the unique forms at the foot of men.


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