The Best Food And The Best Medicine Given by The Best Physician

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He came into the world, just to live among people, to take all their sufferings upon himself and to redeem them from all bonds of physical, mental and spiritual bonds. He has taught the world how to live peacefully and happily. He promised to be with us always to help us to be free from all troubles. He has given a tablet in the form of a prayer called “The Lord’s Prayer.” The details of this tablet explain how his food and medicine are the best ever found.

The tablet form of food and medicine

The tablet that the great physician has given is to be assimilated into our body and mind. The Lord’s Prayer is not to be recited verbally. It is to be lived in every nerve. This tablet aims at four results. Two points raise up towards heaven and two spread in oneself and in others.
The four ingredients of the tablet

1) Praising the Eternal Father
2) Wishing for His Kingdom
3) Asking for sumptuous food
4) Forgiveness in true love

The best food he has given

The great physician has asked us to eat the best food found in nature and protect our body and mind. It is to be earned through sincere work and sharing the powers of nature. He pointed out how will unnecessary hoarding of food harm every one. He proved how the Eternal Father feeds every living being.

He did not stop with suggesting how one can earn food from nature. He gave himself to be eaten. Yes, he has given his own flesh and blood to nourish the souls. Eucharist or Holy Communion is not a mere ceremony of tasting a piece of bread. It is, in reality, tasting the love of God and others. It unites all. It is through this banquet that he lives in every cell of the body of others. It is this Communion that pulls and pushes everyone to live a life of love and charity.

The best medicine he has given

The best medicine he has given is forgiveness; forgiveness to oneself and to others. Forgiveness towards oneself is as important as forgiveness to others. Conflicts in oneself lead to so many complications and diseases. He gave importance for asking forgiveness as well as granting forgiveness. He gave great importance to this medicine throughout his life, in his teaching and in his personal life.

How to use the medicine for forgiving?

You can use this medicine just in three steps. The first step is to take responsibility for the friction between you and the wounded. Second is to tell sorry for what had happened. Real key to heal  the wound is to amend your life towards peace. Third is to show some sign of your feeling sorry. Extend your hands to shake or hug. That will definitely heal the wound and rebuild your relationship.

The same three steps of using the medicine of forgiveness can keep one in close relationship with God. If there is good relationship between you and God, God will surely live in you. If you are in good relationship with yourself and others, you are already in heaven and what is the necessity of searching for heaven elsewhere?

The best food and the best medicine given by the best physician Jesus is to make every life the happiest and to bring down the heaven on to this earth. This is what he meant when he said, “The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed; nor will they say, ‘Lo, here it is!’ or ‘There!’ for behold, the kingdom of God is in the midst of you.” (Luke 17: 20-21 Bible RSV)



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