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Twitter is a concept that was hard for many people to grasp.  Essentially, all it is is a Facebook status update.  Celebrities such as Ashton Krutcher have thousands of followers and have really learned how to use Twitter to their advantage.  However, for many Twitter can be a cumbersome process to mull through all the various posts.  Most people want to utilize Twitter in order to stay up-to-date on their friends, celebrities, loved ones, friends, stories and news stories in general. It allows them to view what others are doing and caring about now.

However, lately it has become a way for those otherwise oppressed to speak what they actually think, because it eliminates the human interaction aspect. Consequently, many activists are utilizing twitter, from those in the Middle East to Occupy Wall Street organizers.  However, sometimes, one has to hunt through Twitter pages till one finds or discovers something you think is significant or until you find something relevant that is current. A perfect example of this is the Middle East Revolution. How many people knew to look for that language in a Twitter tweet? Very few. I for one didn’t.  Don’t you think it might be nice to have a central place for the majority of information? This way, you do not have to take eternity probing for what information you want to find.

Now, there is a fantastic method to view what the population wants all now. www.tweetsintiles.com is the one and only site that presents the popular, most important tweets now all on one mosaic. Additionally, this mosaic shows you the headlines and admits you to click on each tile to read by then sending you to the underlying website where the information is held. And, it allows you to view which story is prevalent; Tweetsintiles’ tiles are sized relating to their popularity. The larger the size and width of the rectangles, the larger the story. This website is your one stop location for all current news on everything.

Desire to find out what the population finds popular right now? Then go to Tweetsintiles.com to see the most loved tweets now and watch the human realm unfurl before your eyes.

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