Regular And Systematic Communication Systems

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 Reward and recantation– the team needs to consider ways reward the whole team as well as individual performance. A Mohan financial service now pays performance bonuses on a team basis rather than purely to individual.

Appraisal and feedback– the team needs to ensure regular balanced feedback is given to encourage blame –free supportive learning environment. Rank Xerox UK customer services division encourage team feedback on each other’s work to promote openness in discussing customer issues and a greater sense of responsibility. 

Training and development– team members need to encourage sharing of learning and undertake self-directed development such as self study. Induction training is a vital way of developing the values and skills required in the team. System need to be in place and supported to ensure it is done well. Helpline hospital has defined core competencies for its cross-functional care teams encourage wider leaning beyond this.

Steps in forming a new empowered team

Define the purpose and work together to agree roles for each other within that overall purpose.

Recruit with the whole team in mind-do not just select on individual experience and skills. Look for potential to multi-skill.

Get off to a good start by holding an early team-building event to get to know each other. At this meeting consider not just what but also the how. Expect to hold such meetings regularly say every two or three months.

Review and renew your thinking and plants regularly. A traditional team can become a bit like an ocean liner –once it has started in one direction, changing course can be hard. An empowered team will often avoid this problem because continuous improvement is easier and more natural. Make sure you look regularly at the need for changes to your plans.

Agree to meet regularly and stick to it. Do not fall into the trap of being too busy to meet together. By meeting together often, get into the habit of using team members as a resource to solve issues and support each other when the going gets tough.   

Team leaders were given support through training in leadership, team and quality improvements skills.

The team had to learn how to work together effective as an empowered group.

The success of the first empowered team encouraged the company to extend the program to other production areas. Today, business is growing in sales and profitability and quality is noticeably stronger.


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