Ultimately Dog Has to Roll Over to Keep Track of The Biscuit

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 Small dogs may be taught this trick of first standing up on hind legs and jumping up to reach something. This trick is taught with a biscuit held high in one hand and giving the order with the other. Give him the hand signal and call out to him saying `jump’. Go on repeating this, bringing down the biscuit hand a little down or up as may be required to lead the dog on.

This way your dog may learn jumping. Issue your order `jump’ while making the dog undergoes this exercise. In course of time, use only the hand without the biscuit. Make the hand gesture, use the order sharply `jump’, and the dog should jump. But he should not go on jumping. He should jump when you say `jump’. After that he should wait on his heel for further orders. If he jumps unnecessarily, then tell him to stop with a sharp `no’. He thus must be taught to behave properly and not to be in disciplined.

While making your dog jump or do such exercises as will require pressure on his hind legs, you should take into consideration the size and weight of your. If dog is small and light, you can teach him the jumping act. You can also teach him to jump barriers. But if he is big and heavy, you have to be careful. You should not force your dog to such acts or tricks as will be harmful for him physically.


You can make your dog lie down. Then you have to hold some dog biscuits or something which he would immediately like. Show the biscuit to the dog bring it very close to his nozzle, and then as he tries to reach it, move your hand in a semi-circular way so that he has to following your hand by turning his face and neck.

Ultimately dog has to roll over to keep track of the biscuit. Before that however, your orders will go over to him like `roll over’, as you make the movement with your hand. Always give order to him `roll’ or `roll over’. After he turns and makes a perfect `roll over’, you should pat him, utter endearments to him like `good boy’, `good show’ and so on.

You may also give him a biscuit, but it is not advisable to always give the dog something to eat, when he has done something good, or has performed well according to your orders. Untimely food makes irregular food habits which in bigger and older dogs are not good. 


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