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This offers you a unique opportunity to involve yourself in an exclusive online experience where you get paid to read and rate interesting articles relevant to your actual interests. They are paying you for your time and reading and rating an article. Anyone can do as it is very easy to get some pocket money.

Your time & attention will be rewarded

 Read, then rate an article to get paid

 Relevant articles are delivered to you

 Earn at least $50 to redeem cash via PayPal

Participate in  well paid Affiliate Program

Invite your friends and family to join and start earning, just like I do! You will earn $5 for the first redemption your friend makes!

Expose our service on websites, blogs, forums/message boards and social networks to earn $5 for every first successful redemption made by a member you referred.

Redeem the funds you have earned by providing your PayPal account to transfer the funds to you

Check for available Articles then read and rate them to earn:

You should frequently – at least daily, check articles available for your attention. This is how you can earn money using the readbud service. To check the articles we have delivered to you, simply click on the article tab situated on the header or the article invitations for available articles will start streaming in.

Choose different topics to receive different articles:

If you would like to receive new articles covering different topics then you currently do, simply change your topics. Remember, you can only change your topics once in a 24 hour period.

Earn more money by reffering your friends and family

Let your friends and family know about readbud and our wonderful service. You will earn $5 for every first redemption your friends make. If you refer a hundred friends and they all redeem, you can earn $500!

Participate in our Programe to earn money:

Are you a webmaster, blogger or a social butterfly? If yes, you can earn $5 for every first redemption your referal makes. For example, if you refer 1000 people and they all become members, and eventually redeem, you can earn $5000! Best is all totally FREE

Change the details you provided when initially registering or keep your details up to date.

Check your current balance and view the list of all paid transactions since joining.

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