Angels of a Lower Flight: Former Playboy Centerfield Helps Haitians as Humanitarian

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Susie Scott describes her emotional, entertaining and sometimes heart-breaking journey from Playboy centerfold to humanitarian.

  • Because of her own often violent, dysfunctional and sexually abusive history it made her that much more determined to ensure other children would not suffer as she did.

Susie Scott’s Journey from Hollywood to Haiti

  • After dropping out of school at age 15 and lying about her age, she managed to land a job in Aspen Colorado operating a PPX machine, which she had no clue how to do. By the age of 17, she landed several modeling jobs and by 18 she was off to Playboy mansion. In May 1983, she was playmate of the month.
  • Although previously sucked into a seedy lifestyle with criminals and drugs, Susie Scott is smart, tough and independent with a strong survival instinct and managed to come out of it all with her wits intact still ready to help others.
  • After finally freeing herself from an abusive marriage, she meets her true love Joe while seeking a divorce. While she was finally happily married, she felt the need to do more and set out for Haiti with her friend Gary where about 80% of Haitians live in abject poverty and the unemployment rate is more than 70%. Most thought she was crazy and she had a hard time finding a driver to take her there but Susie made a beeline for the poorest most dangerous area. Known for its violence and gangs with the reputation as the worst slum in Haiti she headed to Cité Soleil.

Susie Opens School, Feeding Center and Orphanage

  • Susie did not scare easily and was determined to finish a school that others had left half built with the idea of it doubling for a nutrition center.
  • After a couple rough starts and rip offs from “vagabonds” as they call con men in Haiti she managed to get a feeding center and schoolhouse built with the help of her husband Joe, brother Mark and several tattooed, muscled and sometimes stoned gang members in Haiti.
  • They named it “The Mercy Center” and after seeing so many bodies, bullets and machetes, Susie grew tougher. Her brother Mark’s death may have given her a strange strength. Sick of being approached with guns she started saying, “If you’re gonna try and scare me, at least cock the dad-gum thing.”
  • Wanting to do more she began volunteering at an understaffed public hospital in Port-au-Prince encountering abandoned, neglected, disabled and malnourished children.
  • She also discovered more evil where children were killed for their organs and some of the healthy ones were being illegally sold on the Haitian black market.
  • After banging heads with the head nurse, she was forced to transfer twenty-seven children she nursed back to health to their own orphanage.
  • Many of these disabled children are abandoned because of a widespread belief system that such a child is a curse, but Susie Scott embraces them recognizing the familiar wounded look in their eyes from her own childhood.

Mercy and Sharing Foundation is a private nonprofit organization that was founded by Susie and Joe Krabacher in 1994. Their projects goals are not only to alleviate immediate suffering but also to give Haitian people opportunities by teaching them skills so that they can provide for their families. They work towards combating illiteracy, healing the sick and promoting the ethical treatment of people in Haiti.

I choose to walk through the lowlands to slap away the talons of darkness that cling to my children, seemingly unloved and forgotten, but indeed the angels of a lower flight.” Susie Scott Krabacher

  • All profits from the book “Angels of a Lower Flight” go towards helping children in Haiti. It is a deeply moving story Susie Scott bravely shares that will leave you forever changed.

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