Acharya Rajneesh( Osho) And Tantric Sex


Acharya Rajneesh was a very brilliant man. He was a professor of Philosophy at Jabalpur University before his inner voice took him away from the teaching profession. A reading of his biography’Osho the Luminous Rebel’ by Dr Joshi reveals that right from his early days Rajneesh had an inquisitive mind. An excellent incident is recounted in the book when Rajneesh asked his professor as to how many wives Aristotle the father of Logic in western thought had. The professor who was teaching logic was surprised and asked Rajneesh what he meant. Rajneesh replied that Aristotle had stated that women had fewer teeth than men. The professor asked what he meant by this. Rajneesh replied that Aristotle had two wives and yet made a statement that women had lesser teeth than men. He could have at least counted. This shows the brilliance of Rajneesh.

In his hey day his meditation techniques caught the imagination of many people and he did amass a vast following. What ever his faults Acharya Rajneesh did interpret the Hindu scriptures in a different manner. He was the man who gave a different connotation to tantric sex. In fact he refined this age old theory of achieving God through sex.

As per Hindu thought the spermatozoa of the man have divine capability and can generate ESP and other powers. As per tantric theory the sperms of a man can collect at the base of the brain and ignite ESP powers. Rajneesh gave the sex act as per Tantra a different connotation. It differs greatly from the normal sex act. His theory was to conserve the sperms of a man for achieving eternal bliss.

The normal sex act as is the practice in the west results in a build up of excitement followed by a peak and then once the man reaches his peak the act is over. It is like a distribution curve with a high point in the centre.

Rajneesh advocated tantric sex and conservation of the spermatozoa. He talked of eternal sex without orgasm. He wished man and woman to understand that sex was not a short term affair but a prolonged exercise without orgasm. He taught that a couple should remain in the act at the end as it was in the beginning.

Osho taught that a man and a woman can have not one peak like in a normal sex act but a series of peaks in case you can control the sexual energy. You reach a peak and then calm down and then re-start. In this way you can reach many peaks. The man and woman remain conjoined together. Movement only takes place when it is required to continue with the erection. Lovers can thus prolong their embrace for hours. This is in sharp contrast to a normal sex act which can appear furitive.The tantric orgasm on the other hand is deep and relaxing

As per Rajneesh, Tantric sex is different from a normal sex act. But it has to be learned. The difficulty is in getting a proper teacher. Tantric sex propels the lovers to a higher plane. When they reach this higher plane they will experience total bliss. Rajneesh felt that ejaculation as a waste of energy. But in case you follow tantric sex the result will be a deep relaxation that will last for a long time. The end result is that your sexual energy is conserved and can be channelized to ignite the latent power inherent in the brain.

Acharya Rajneesh is no more but his books and CD’s are available for all to read.

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