Tips For Using Hair Rollers

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Rollers are a great way to add volume, body, and curl to the hair without the damage of a curling iron or a perm.  However, since rollers are not as popular as they were decades ago, many women are not sure how to use them properly to get the results that they want.  There are many different types of rollers, such as the traditional plastic rollers and the more modern hot rollers.  Different kinds of rollers will produce different kinds of results.  Here are a few tips that will help you get the most out of your rollers.

1.  Choose the right size.  Smaller rollers will produce more curl, while larger rollers are used to produce more volume.  One trick to provide modern beachy type waves is to use a variety of different rollers sizes, set in different directions.

2.  Use the right styling products.  Setting the hair with a gel or setting lotion will not only produce hold, it will make the hair stick to the rollers, making them easy to wind.  Use a liquid or a mousse if you have fine hair, and use a gel if you have thick hair.

3.  Make sure the hair is damp.  If the hair is too wet, it will take forever for the rollers to set.  If the hair is too dry, the hair won’t take a curl.  Damp hair will be easy to set in rollers, and it will dry quicker.

4.  Don’t remove the rollers until the hair is completely dry.  This can be tricky, since the hair on the outside of the roller may feel dry, but the hair underneath might still be damp.  

5.  Magnetic rollers (the traditional plastic cylinders) will provide a longer lasting and firmer curl than hot rollers or velcro rollers.  Hot rollers and velcro rollers, on the other hand, will provide a softer wave to the hair.  

6.  After the rollers are removed, gently tease or backcomb the root area to blend all the hair together and to cover up the “lines” that may appear on your scalp where the hair has been sectioned.

7.  For best results, make sure that the length and width of each section of hair which is wrapped around the roller is no larger than the size of the roller itself.

These seven basic tips will make it a snap to set your hair in rollers.  With a little practice, you’ll be amazed at how many different styles can be achieved with this classic hairdressing tool.


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