Why Online Dating Works

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Online dating is a popular option for today’s singles.  Once ridiculed as the “last resort” for desperate love seekers, online dating is now one of the most legitimate methods for finding romance in today’s fast-paced and busy world.  In fact, just about every single person has tried their hand at online dating at one time or another.

Online dating works because it presents a single person with many benefits that cannot be found on the traditional dating scene.  The most obvious benefit of online dating is convenience; most dating sites display hundreds of potential partners at the click of a mouse.  Members of these sites span every age group, social class, and ethnicity.  There are large generic sites where searching for singles is a matter of hit-and-miss, while other specialized sites cater to just about every sub-culture imaginable.

One terrific benefit of online dating is that it is a very safe method for meeting people.  You can get to know a person’s intentions pretty well through email contact and instant messages before you ever decide to meet the person face-to-face.  This gives you an opportunity to evaluate a person’s character over a period of time that is convenient to you, unlike a blind date, where participants may feel the need to impress the other person from the get go, often resulting in mixed signals and pressure.  Online dating is pressure free; you choose when to talk to the other person and ultimately when to meet the person you are interested in.

Unlike traditional dating, which may at times be pretentious, online dating is much more relaxed and casual.  No need to put on your best clothes and do your makeup and hair; you can converse with potential partners from the comfort of your own home without fear of being judged by your appearance.  This is not to say, of course, that appearances don’t matter when it comes to online dating.  The truth is, no matter how interesting your profile may be, most people only click on the pictures of those they find physically attractive.

Ultimately, this may be the true allure of online dating.  It is the same feeling of excitement one gets when given a wrapped present or a grab bag; not knowing for sure what the person behind the profile is really like.  Sometimes you are pleasantly surprised, sometimes you are disappointed.  In many ways, online dating is a gamble.  Online dating works, however, because the world is full of people who love to gamble and don’t mind rolling the dice.


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