Cutting Your Son's or Husband's Hair

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Learning how to cut hair is not as simple as it seems, which is why professional barbers and stylists spend several months learning their craft, and a lifetime perfecting it.  However, cutting men’s hair is a skill that is not too difficult to learn because there are fewer styles for men than there are for women.  The best classic haircuts for boys and men are basic shapes which do not require special tools or cutting techniques.

In order to cut the hair of your sons or husband, you will need the right tools for the job.  These tools include a set of clippers (with a variety of attachments), scissors, thinning shears (for blending the hair), and a comb.  With these tools, you will be able to perform every type of men’s cut.  

If you have little or no experience cutting hair, the best way to learn basic techniques is by maintaining the basic shape of a cut provided by a professional stylist or barber.  Every two to four weeks, simply trim the ends of the hair following the shape and design established by a pro.  This minimizes the chances making mistakes, since you will only be cutting a tiny amount of hair, no more than 1/2 of an inch from the ends.  While you learn the basics, your thinning shears will be your best friend.  By blending the ends of the hair with thinning shears, you will be able to “erase” any mistakes you might have made.

Once you have developed a feel for the hair, you can experiment with clipper cutting.  A set of clippers will include various attachments (called clipper guards) which will cut the hair to a pre-determined length.  The lower the number of a guard, the shorter the cut will be.  For instance, a number one guard will cut the hair shorter than a number two guard, and a number two guard will cut the hair shorter than a number three guard.

When using clippers, it is best to use a larger sized guard and gradually work your way down in size until you have found the guard that takes the ideal amount of length off of the hair.  If you start with a number five guard, for example, and it does not appear to be taking off any hair, switch to a number four.  If that still isn’t taking off enough hair, go down to a number three, and so on.

Most men’s cuts are tapered in length, which means that the hair is longest on top and gradually gets shorter as you get towards the neck and ears.  Short men’s cuts will also require edging around the neckline and sideburns.  Using the clipper without any guards will allow you to cut the hair very close to the skin, producing a “shaved” effect.  Edging around the neckline and sideburns will provide the detail work that makes a men’s cut look clean and neat.


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