How to Make a Manicure Last Longer

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Well-manicured nails are lovely to look at, but unfortunately even the best manicures eventually lose their luster after a few weeks.  This is because the hands are involved in several daily activities which will cause the polish to chip or the nails to split.  Every daily chore, from washing the dishes to pulling weeds in the garden, puts a manicure in jeopardy.  In order to make a manicure last longer, there are several tips which can be followed.

The most important tip for a long-lasting manicure is to make sure that the nails are healthy and smooth before the first coat of polish is ever applied.  Just as a house needs a strong foundation on which to stand, the nails need to provide a strong foundation for a manicure to last.  This means buffing the surface of the nail in order to remove any ridges or uneven spots from the surface of the natural nail.  This step is often not included in the basic manicures offered by many salons, so make sure to ask the manicurist to buff the surface of the nail before applying polish.

After the surface of the nail has been buffed, the manicurist should apply a nail primer to help the adhesion of base coat and polish.  A nail primer is basically a product that will remove any oil from the nails.  There are many different primers on the market specially designed for this purpose, but rubbing alcohol or acetone will also do the trick.  Never use acetone on artificial nails, however, since acetone will dissolve acrylic.

Once the nails have been prepared, the manicurist should apply a clear base coat to the nail before applying the polish.  A base coat improves the adhesion of polish to the nail and will result in a longer-lasting manicure.  After the base coat has been applied, two coats of polish are painted onto the nail, and then finally a clear top coat is applied.  This means that a traditional manicure will include four layers of product.  One reason why some manicures fail to last is because the manicurist did not allow each layer of polish to dry completely.

The final step in ensuring a long-lasting manicure is a technique known as “hairline tipping”.  This is another step that is often overlooked by some manicurists, and failure to perform this step will increase the likelihood of polish chipping.  This step involves using a wooden stick tipped with cotton that has been soaked in polish remover.  The tip of the stick is used to remove the polish from the edges of the nail.  This includes the cuticle area, the sidewalls of the nail, and most importantly the front edge of the nail.

These steps will make a manicure last longer by giving the polish a smooth and oil-free foundation.  A proper application consisting of base coat, polish, and top coat, will result in a long-lasting manicure, and the final step of removing excess polish from the edges of the nail will prevent the polish from chipping.  Combined, these three steps will result in the highest-quality manicure available.


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