Hair Salon Promotional Ideas

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In order for a salon to be successful, it has to be visible to the public.  While print, radio, or television advertising is an effective way to promote a hair salon, these methods are expensive.  This article will describe a few cost-effective methods of promoting a salon that can attract new clients just as well as traditional advertising methods.

Open House

Holding an “Open House” event at the salon is not only a great way to introduce the public to a salon and its employees, it is also fun.  An open house should be festive in nature, and may include food and refreshments, entertainment, and free product samples.  An open house is an effective method of promotion because once a prospective new client tours the salon and meets the employees, he or she will be much more likely to book an appointment than if the client heard about the salon in a radio commercial or read about the salon in the newspaper.  

Referral Programs

Almost every salon has some kind of referral program already in place, but there are many ways to improve the effectiveness of a referral program.  One way to do this is by offering bigger and better rewards than the competitors.  Another way to improve a client referral program is to create a contest, offering a valuable prize to the client who refers the most new clients in a year.  The bigger and better the prize, the more motivated a client will be to refer new customers to the salon.

Social Networking

The tremendous popularity of social networking websites can pay big dividends for savvy salon owners.  Using these websites, a salon owner can promote the business virtually non-stop without spending a dime.  Social networking sites are also great tools for receiving valuable feedback from the public.

Special Events

A salon’s existing clientele may be a goldmine for planning a calendar of special events.  Find a trustworthy client who has a special skill or ability, and enlist their help in putting together a series of special events.  For example, a client who is an expert at yoga may be willing to conduct weekly yoga classes inside the salon on a day when the business is closed, or an artist may be willing to offer adult painting or drawing classes.  Most of these clients will gladly offer their expertise in exchange for free haircare services.  Best of all, these special events may attract individuals who otherwise might never have set foot inside the salon.  

As you can see, these promotional ideas are not only cost-effective, but can also be a fun and refreshing change from traditional advertising methods.  



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