Blu Ray Has Taken Over The CD Market

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Blu Ray players are designed to play Blue Ray discs. Some models can also play DVD discs. This lets the owner use his DVD library of dics as well. Blu Ray has taken the CD world by storm; all new movies are released in Blu Ray format.

 The Blu Ray format is an upgrade over the previous CD format. This format was developed by the Blu Ray Disc Association. The association was composed of representatives from electronics companies, the entertainment industry and computer hardware groups. The result was the first Blu Ray recorder, which was released in Japan by Sony in 2003 in Japan. Blu Ray reached world wide prominence in 2006.

 The difference between Blu Ray and the DVD format is the length of the laser light used. The DVD format used a red laser light. By switching to a blue laser light which has a shorter wavelength, more information could be stored on a CD. The old format could store about 5 GB per layer on the disc; the Blu Ray format can store 25 GB per layer. Because of the extra storage available, Blu Ray discs were able to store video displays in higher resolutions than the older DVD format. This has resulted in the excellent video displays that are produced from today’s Blu Ray players.

The newer Blu Ray players are able to play both Blu Ray discs and the older DVD dics.  These are a good deal for those movies and shows out in the DVD format only.  Sony has a Blu Ray player that will hold up to 500 discs of both types for the maxminum in easy accessibility.  These days a single Blu Ray player has come down in price enough to be in everyone’s range.  Of course, the player must be connected to an HD television to achieve the visual effects of the Blu Ray technology.

Blu Ray comes in three types of formats.  For North America, the correct format is “A.”  There are three formats currently:  A, B or C.  The B format involves most of Europe and parts of Africa.  The C format involves most of Asia, part of Russia and some of the oceanic communities.  Some Blu Ray players can be adjusted to work with any format; others can only play one of the three.  It is important to make sure your player and your CDs are compatible.


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