Otc Drugs Asthma – Asthma Relief Without A Prescription

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A common respiratory diseases, asthma is associated with various symptoms such as coughing, wheezing, and difficulty breathing. To cope with this disease, which OTC asthma medication is recommended. How OTC asthma medications work? It works in two ways: one block asthma attacks by prohibiting the initial trigger and second, providing quick comfort by clearing the airways.

The first category of OTC drugs as well loratadine, diphenhydramine, chlorpheniramine, or who comes in the form of either oral or liquid. Most allergic asthma due to histamine.Therefore, antihistamines prevent asthma attacks by stopping histamine from entering your system. It’s kind of medication for asthma is the same as that for the disease. For example, Claritine initially available for the recipe, now ready for use as an over-the-counter medications.

But be careful when choosing an antihistamine, because there are people who combined with other materials in a single treatment. Always read the packaging. Dominant effect of antihistamines is drowsiness and even drugs recently still have this effect. Take, for example, Benadryl. The drug is actually consumed as a sleep aid. Another form of OTC drugs that are inhaled medications. Primate Fog is one example in which contains epinephrine, which is classified as a bronchodilator. Epinephrine active substance is a stimulant, so overdose of drugs with these ingredients can cause increased blood pressure and nervous.

Although asthma medication OTC seen as dangerous and ineffective in treating the disease, has been proven to work efficiently for random asthma attacks and subtle that the person suffers. Plus, it’s pretty cheap compared to prescription drugs. An OTC drug is very useful for almost all types of asthma attacks. However, it is best to prescription drugs as directed. However, severe cases of asthma attacks, prescription inhaler with a relatively strong effect, such as Proventil very necessary. Apart from this inhaler prescriptions, doctors also like the Flovent inhaler for maintenance, so that pneumonia be avoided, and future attacks can be minimized.

Asthma patients can also be treated with steroids in pill form for a short period of time. Corticosteroids can inhibit growth in children and decrease bone mineral density, although growth inhibition is reversible. Steroids suppress the immune response, increasing risk of infection, and decrease bone mineral density. Other side effects of steroids include low blood sugar, changes in consciousness, nauseas, seizures, or in rare cases death. You can also develop symptoms like Cushing’s Disease (an excess production of cortisol in the body). These include deposits of fat on the upper back and face, high blood pressure, diabetes, slow wound healing, osteoporosis, cataracts, acne, muscle weakness, ulcers, thinning of the skin, and mood changes. When patients are treated for a long period of time, deaths from adrenal insufficiency have occurred with transfer from oral to inhalation steroids, especially during stressors like surgery. You should not be on steroids for long periods of time.


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