If God Was a Man

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Man kind has various kinds of need s that range from social, basic, education, political and spiritual and specifically, let me poke on the spiritual need of the human hierarchy of needs. I acknowledge that we all need to satisfy this need in order to make humanity complete. What if God was a man? Imagine the wrongs and all the forms of sins that one had to bear? Every single minute won’t pass without sin diffusing through and God will be humbled to forgive and clean all forms of sins no matter how intense they are, he will make it clean and white as a snow.

Take for instance that God was to punish for any wrong doing as a man can do it to avenge any agrimony directed to him then I would imagine that this world would not have been a better place to live in and also I would doubt if there would have many people in this world.

We all know that God’s punishment for sin is death and considering every single sin from man kind, then there would be very few people in the world. In contrary to man, God allows us a chance to repent for any from for sin.

Yes, he does not keep order of wrongs as a human heart can. As man kind, what really do we learn for God? Definitely, we do not learn anything from him and if we do, we simply forget so easily and let our human nature subdue our spiritual teachings and as a result of this is the mushrooming of various kinds of churches that may be Godly or earthly.

This is evident in most denominations where divisions between church leaders, puts to disarray the congregations who assemble every day of worship to share their testimonies and what God has seen them through. These divisions shows the difference between man kind and God where the serpent tries to interfere with God’s system of rule through a weaker man kind.

Finally, I know that mankind is a creature put on this world with lots of weakness but then, why don’t we try God through Jesus with just following simple steps of trusting , believing and having biblical guidance simple!.    


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