How to Face a Fear in Life.

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“You gain strength, courage and confidence by every experience in which you really stop and look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘…I can take the next thing that comes along.’…You must do the thing you think you cannot do (Eleanor Roosevelt).” Every time I read these words, I am able to see the truth in them. College to me is the next step that I must take in life. Although this next step comes with much trepidation and apprehension, it is a necessary step that I must take to forever better and prepare myself for the life that I wish to lead. State University would be one of the best institutions for this, just as the choice of high school I made four years ago, Good Counsel, was the next step for me then. During high school, I have grown and changed through not only the education I have gained, but also through the activities I participated in. I have gained a lot of strengths from my time spent in high school. Although every weakness has not been erased, the next step in life will ease their numbers even more.

Over the four years that I have spent at Good Counsel, I became part of many activities. Each helping me evolve as a person and become stronger yet. Simple lists could be made of every activity that I have ever been involved in but it could never express to a person what I have learned and how it helped me to grow. Every environmental club, science club, political science club, service work, and S.A.D.D. club I was part of had a very special message to deliver to me. Whether the message was one of responsibility, or a life lesson, I grew from it. The Political Science club opened me to many new experiences. It allowed me the chance to attend the Model U.N., where I was asked to address today’s top world issues. This club was very beneficial to me because I was exposed to topics and ideas that I had not previously been able to discuss or learn about in a classroom situation. The science club allowed for me to experience extra educational situations as well. I took part in a hovercraft competition, which was very educational while also allowing me the chance to work with others for a common goal. I have also participated in many other school activities, but I feel that my service work done for the community was most beneficial. Over the past four years I have completed about fifty hours of community service at my church as well as service done for my school. I have served at many school functions, such as charity dinners for the homeless. My work at my church allowed me the chance to give back to the community from which I derived so much. I did many odd jobs around the church such as painting, basic repair jobs, cleaning the churchyard, and organizing the interior of the church and rectory. From every experience I grow, and from every growth I derive new strengths. As a student I have several strengths that will help me in the future as I enter college. With respect to my schoolwork I am independent and self-motivated. No one tells me when to do my work; I am responsible for getting it done and complete my work on my own. I find the motivation and need within myself to see the importance of getting my work done. These strengths will be helpful to me as I become a college student, since I will away from home and will be responsible for doing my work. I will already be accustomed to this situation and will be self-motivated to get the work done. I, also, find that I am a diligent worker. I will continue to work until I get the job done. I never see something through only half way. This is a beneficial quality because I will find the need to do all my work the best I can. I won’t give up when a class is hard; I’ll see it through and do the best I can. Despite my strengths as a student, I do have faults as well. I can become frustrated when I don’t understand something right away. When I don’t understand something in a subject I tend to want to give up on that section rather than struggle to understand it. I try to work hard to avoid this, by going to get help whether from another student or the teacher and pushing myself to understand. This weakness can be detrimental to by learning because I will wish to ignore one section of a subject. Another weakness I find that I have is that I can become wrapped up in what my friends and others are doing, and can begin to neglect my work as a student. Yet, I feel that this will correct itself in college even more because I have worked too hard to get to a respected college that I would not throw that away. While many students in college have a propensity toward their friends and less toward their work, I feel that I will respond in a different manner. I have many dreams for my future, and I will have to work diligently to get there, and I know that I will do so.


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