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Many people consider their families as the essential institution in their own lives. It is like an extended part of their own lives. It is where they are mirrored and they are able to get the impression of themselves. There is a saying that you are able to be happy as far as your family is happy. This is true even now. Any problem in your family will be shown on you instantly therefore you cannot ignore your family if you want to lead an optimal life.

But the society is now changing, many people are breaking the ties with the people they are close to even when they are living in one home. There are several reasons behind this situation. People lose the emotional connection that they had. The festival gatherings, family dinners and many other occasions that were meant to bring the family together are fast dwindling away. People now extend their offices into their home which estranges the families even more.

This has been found to lead to many other problems such as depression, spats and loneliness in families and there are less periods of communication among the family members. This will have a toll on the people who are involved in one way or another.

Here is what you have to do to make sure that you live better with your family.

The most important thing to do is to communicate. Regardless of how much work you have or how busy you seem to be, you always have to make it a point to speak with every member of your family each day. Indians have something to say about this – a family that takes their meals together will stay together. This is the same as the English saying that says that if the family prays together, it will stay together. If you take time to ponder on this, you will find that both the sayings have the same meaning. Both insist on the importance of the family to be closer. Introduce this routine in your home. If you cannot pray together, atleast eat together. Switch off the television when you are eating. Take meals at a fixed time every day. You are able to exchange more in just these few minutes than any other times.

Families will not be expecting more from you, what they just want is for you to be responsive. They want to feel that you are always there for them. Sometimes they cannot expect material things but merely the feeling that you are close to them and the warmth they feel.

Ensure that you are giving your family this. Do not be away from your own family. In case you are forced to be away, you will find out that the worst sorrow you will have is to be forced to move away from the family.

If you become closer to your family, you will become happier. You will never feel alone. You will have to face life’s tribulations and trials together. You have to do this even as you try to discover your own freedom as an individual. Make sure that you are doing everything to keep your family together. This can be done with other people who have any family connections with you and not only those who are staying together in one house. 

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