Internet Attached Storage Comes of Age

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When it comes to your documents, photos, and data there is a great option for safe storage that doesn’t involve disks, tapes, or gadgets that can get lost, stolen or damaged. Internet Attached Storage stores your information outside your office, home, or backup media.. thus both protecting and serving you your data.

Although your computer files are safe from many threats, there is still the danger of flood or fire, or computer related damage, like hard drive failure, viruses, or human error damaging your data. It is nearly impossible to recover Computer data in all but the most ideal of circumstances.With less than 30% of lost or stolen laptops ever being found this is a real concern.

Internet Attached Storage is a inexpensive and practical solution. Your important data is encrypted and remotely stored to keep your private data private. Accounts are password protected for security.

There are some considerations when using Internet Attached Storage. Some helpful guidelines include:

Backup Frequency

The more frequently you backup, your lowering your chance of data loss. The best Internet Attached Storage services provide network drive and user configurable synchronization features.

Keep your files

Although Internet Attached Storage is secure, it’s also just common sense to keep the originals on your computer.Thus making it easy to mirror data to your Internet Attached Storage space.

Organize your information

It makes no sense to store files for recall later if when later happens, you can’t find them. Internet Attached Storage has a file/folder structure that mirrors your own disk. It’s a good idea to do so.

Keep your password safe

Online storage accounts require a password to access them. Always keep your password and accountname safe to keep your personal files safe from compromise.

Financial and banking files are examples of files that can’t be replaced. And there are other files you need to get from anywhere, like sales information and photos. Files you should upload to Internet Attached Storage includes:

  • Pictures
  • Movies
  • Sound Files
  • Financial Data
  • Work Related Files
  • Manuals
  • Email

Internet Attached Storage is the logical extension of simple online backup with features you can use every day, like network drive and file synchronization.

Which Internet Attached Storage product do we like?  We particularly like the features, cost, and reliability of OPENRSM CloudBackup.  It gives a great balance of features that go further than online backup that is particularly cost effective.  We can’t say enough good about it.


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