Cloud Backup Strategies for Small Business

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Without computer data, a business simply can’t function. That is why everyone is trying to find the best backup service available. The newest and the most efficient way of backing up your data is through online backup services. But before we start our discussion about backup strategies and leveraging the cloud, here are some interesting things that you should be aware of.

  1. Without their data large enterprises are said to lose about $50,000 peran hour.
  2. Keeping that in mind data loss costs are estimated to be in between $100,000 to $1,000,000 per annum.
  3. Around seven percent of companies that have had a major data loss survive over five years.

These figures give you an idea how data backups are essential for your business to function properly and like I said, while there are a lot of options, backup services like OPENRSM Cloud Backup is the best choice that you can have.

Tape backup is one of the more common backup methods. This type of storage costs more in equipment and labor but is less effective than online backups. Also, other kinds of computer backup includes network storage, external disks, and optical drives (CD’s and DVD’s). One of the major disadvantages to all of these strategies is that they are limited to being an onside backup. This means that if anything happens on site, even your back up data will be lost.

Because of this, the internet backups are very much the next wave of data storage and backup service. This is because through the internet, data can now be stored effectively offsite and you can be assured of the safety of your data even if something happens to your on site location.

Another reason why Internet Backups are better is that they give you an amazing amount of flexibility in tailoring your backups to your needs. For example, internet backups let you schedule your backups to make the most of your existing resources when your systems and available bandwidth arn’t being used as much.

Also, the capacity limits imposed by CDROM and DVD media can’t constrain you any longer. CDs and DVDs offer small memory space that can only accommodate small amounts of data. They are okay for saving quick need items but not very reliable for backing up business data. Just imagine if you want to backup your entire email server? How many CDs will you need for this? This is not an issue with cloud backups.

Internet based backup services are one of the newest, and most reliable, methods of protecting your information. It’s hard to overlook these services given the advantage you can gain with their offerings.


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