Five Golden Rules For Personal Development

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Change yourself and fortune will change with you”. – Portugese Proverb

Self development – This particular term has become the “mantra” of new age; it has become the “vision and mission” of every book, magazine, television programs or organization working with and for the youths. With its increasing importance, every now and then, people keep asking the same question “what is this Self development?” – Well to be more accurate it can be called a journey through which man discovers himself and hence brings a constructive transformation in his attitude, behavior as well as in his appearance. Undergoing such a process of self-exploration will surely bring out the best in you, thus giving a tremendous boost to your professional and personal life. Therefore, many organizations into the career counseling service have made “personal growth of the candidate” their main agenda.
So, do you require some special training for Self development? – No, not really, you just have to follow some simple, yet effective and important points, that you could do it on your own.
Rule no.1 – Just Chill Out!
Youths today generally uses a phrase “Take a chill pill!” believe me; it is worth implementing in professional life. Any job placement agencies will shortlist those candidates who can display calm and composed behavior. Being hyper, tensed or nervous will not help you in your career. Listen to music, read some self-help books, go for meditation; these things will counter your work related stress. Always identify your stress factors and then work towards to counter them. Follow the doctrine of Karma “just focus on your actions and not on the results”.
Rule no.2 – Work on your skills
Many career counseling services will tell you to remember a simple principle “I can and I will” (paste it on the door of your room or cupboard or even bathroom, but keep this principle in your mind). Try to improve your skills, keep practicing it till you do not get desired results. Utilize your leisure free time to enhance your knowledge. Join some evening classes to add extra degrees to your resume. Update yourself with the latest events. Be versatile terms of knowledge and aptitude.
Rule no. 3 – Avoid unnecessary distractions
Human mind is dynamic; it is very easy to get distracted. There will be people and situation, which will divert your attention and resources away from your goals. According to the individuals who are associated with interview training enjoyment is not a crime, but yes never allow anyone to sidetrack from your aim. Be focused and think about your targets.
Rule no. 4 – Set goals for yourself
Confusion is the biggest enemy as far as your career growth is concerned. As per the career counseling service providers mapping out what you expect from yourself and what you want to do is the first step towards self development and progressive career. Make a list of dreams (realistic dreams) and keep trying till you do not achieve them. This way, you will constantly strive to improve and learn, thus goal setting is so important.
Rule no. 5 – Positive thinking
“BE POSITIVE”, if today is a bad day, tomorrow will be a good day. Every day brings new hopes and opportunities, so buck up and start afresh. People with such attitude have created history, so mold yourself in such a way, that no one can beat you.  Read Geeta or any other motivational books to make think in a very positive manner.
Well, at the end of the day, what actually matters is your ATTITUDE. Self development tips will help you to modify your mindset that will take you to the top.


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