Will You Be My Neighbor?

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It is absolutely crazy how much people are playing games like Castleville, Farmville, and Cityville. I should know because I am sadly one of them. I am helplessly addicted to the Zynga game Castleville. I’m not even sure what happened to be perfectly honest. I vowed to myself a few years back, that I would not fall victim to the horrible Facebook games. Obviously I broke my vow. 

I never realized how much these games are played until I actually started to play myself. Before I hit the download button I had about 80 friends on my page. It was almost impossible to get anything done on the game because only 2 of my friends were also playing. I soon found the forum for the game, and noticed a neighbor thread. Intrigued I clicked on the link, only to find out that it was post after post of people saying add me! 

I tried to hold out on the temptation for days. I didn’t like the idea of adding complete strangers to my page just to play a simple game. Eventually frustration hit and I added 5 pages of friends from the forum. My friend list went from a measley  80 friends all the way up to 211. Yikes! I was finally able to get somewhere with the game though for a short period of time. The more advanced, the longer it took it seemed. 

I found myself purchasing more crowns so that I could skip quests and buy things from the market. I even found myself getting up early to play before work and rushing home to play when I got home. I finally realized that I was letting this game run my life. 

I think our generation is too hooked to their games. If it’s not Castleville, then its WOW or another game. I think we need to take a stand and decide to put away our games once a week. Maybe even spend a little less time playing games and more time with our family. I am going to try and do this, and I encourage anyone else who would love to try it to! What is there to lose?  


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