Assembled Cars Esemka Sake, Jokowi Replace Car

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In several occasions, claiming Jokowi old car is still comfortable, so he rejected a new official car. But apparently he assemblies vocational students waiting car.

“Mr. Jokowi ordered a car to us,” said Dwi Budimartono, one of his automotive teacher at SMK 2 Surakarta, told Tempo, Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Order it for SMK 2 states could assemble a car. And it makes Jokowi order to prove the ability of interested student of SMK 2.

Then, in September 2011, the assembly process begins. There are six vocational students who are involved in the assembly 2. “We assemble the body and engine,” said Madi, students in grade III Mechanical Light Vehicle.

Students other assemblers, Okky Austriadi, 18 years, said assembling cars is nothing new. For all this he has more to learn the engine, electrical, and chassis. “And it turns out we can,” he said.

Other automotive teacher, Sriyono, call, although a new job, it can be done because in principle the same. “Not much different from what we did today, which is more in the maintenance of the machine,” he said.

Jokowi and Deputy Mayor of Surakarta F.X. Hadi Rudyatmo begin Tuesday, January 3, 2012, using official cars assembled students of vocational high school (SMK) with Motor Ways.

The car is assembled students and Tips Motor SMK’s using locally made parts 80 percent and 20 percent of imports. The car is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture M. Noah.

According Mustakim, old car Toyota Avnza already breaking down so often interfere with the performance of Board members. “The car was much complained of long slow performance of the Council, then we ask in exchange,” he said.


As for the leadership of the Board, Chairman of the Faction, and Chairman of the Commission had previously obtained a new car in 2009. Chairman of the Board got a facilities Toyota Fortuner, three vice-chairman of the Council receives each Nissan X-Trail, and 12 people received Faction Chairperson of the Commission and Toyota Kijang Innova. A total of 50 units.


Initially, the District Government was about to give Xenia Bekasi to members of the Council, but was rejected. According Mustakim, the position of the Council together with the second echelon officials or chief of the regional work (SKPD) that got great facilities in the form of the Toyota Kijang Innova. “The board is the same as the official duty,” he said.


However, stated requests Mustakim Toyota Rush is not simply equated with the headman they want. “The goal is merely enhance the performance of the Council,” he said.


He also rejected the administration’s official car as a gift so that the Council does not question the Report Specification Accountability (accountability report) Regent Jakarta Sa’dudin who will end his term in 2012.


Council, he said, only make recommendations to the regents report is related to the work program that must be corrected in the next period. “There is no mechanism to reject or accept the report is,” he said.


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