Wait Esemka Car Permit Ministry of Transportation

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Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo said the emergence Tip Esemka car could be the beginning of the automotive industry. Provided that permission has been out of the Ministry of Transportation, chances are great for mass production.

“Later, the components can be supplied by home industry, then assembled themselves,” said Jokowi, her nickname, told reporters on Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Jokowi and Deputy Mayor of Surakarta, FX Hadi Rudyatmo (Rudy), starting Tuesday, January 3, 2012, using official cars assembled students of vocational high school (SMK) with Motor Ways. The car is assembled students and Tips Motor SMK’s using locally made parts 80 percent and 20 percent of imports. The car is financed by the Ministry of Education and Culture M. Noah.

Home-based industry is expected to recruit the graduates of vocational high schools are already successfully assemble Esemka car. “Later they can make car components,” said Jokowi.

One of his companion assembly at SMK 2 Surakarta, Dwi Budimartono, claimed to always encourage students to try to pursue the component supply industry. “We always grow the entrepreneurial spirit of students,” he said.

Such as working in an automotive company, he recommends no more than 10 years. “Because of the current era of industry, then it should start thinking to become entrepreneurs,” he said.

In between visits, all of a sudden Jokowi – Joko Widodo friendly greeting – Mr. Ambassador offered to try Esemka car being parked in the yard office Gandrung lodge. Without wasting time, Lutfi agreed the offer and immediately get into the car. Drive herself, she wanted to try the comfort Esemka car, as said Jokowi.


Just a minute he tried. No more than 20 meters, but it was enough to make Lutfi amazed. “It’s a remarkable achievement,” he told reporters after the attempt, Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

With local component content reaches 80 percent, he said the car could be a national car Esemka. With a relatively affordable price, approximately USD 95 million, he was sure the car is a big chance to develop.

So far, Thailand became the center of the automotive industry in Southeast Asia. The presence of Esemka car, the automotive industry is expected to map could be changed. Jokowi states are currently in the process of taking care of licensing to the Ministry of Transportation. “That due diligence and Euro 4 emissions test,” he said. Esemka car, he added, have already qualified for Euro 2 emission test.

Once permission is obtained, there are opportunities to develop it, including the holding of investors.


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