Sukiyat Story, Pioneer Car Kiat Esemka Mayor Jokowi

who was born Trucuk, Klaten. 22 April 1957 it pioneered the assembly of the nation’s child-made cars.

Esemka car ride leaves after Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo use it as an official car. (Read: Jokowi: Car Esemka More Convenient than Camry). The car is assembled students SMK Residents Surakarta and Tips The motor uses 80 percent local component and 20 percent of imports.

Sukiyat bike shop started business in 1978. Now his business evolved into a place of painting cars with oven systems and car body repair. Persinggungannya with vocational high school students began when in 2007, the father of two children modify a Toyota Crown Toyota Land Cruiser to be similar.

Sukiyat interested in creativity, Vocational Education Director Joko Sutrisno then visited his house in Jalan Yogya-Solo, Ngaran, Klaten. “He wanted to invite cooperation assemble cars done by vocational students,” he said when met at Solo, Tuesday, January 3, 2012.

Long story short, since 2008 until now the garage area of ​​6500 square meters is not devoid of a car assembly activities by vocational students. At least 20 SMK who entrust their students to intern in his place. “Someone from West Java, East Java and Central Java,” continued the man who did not pass the STM in this Klaten.

Later, when he contributed two assist vocational students and vocational school Surakarta Residents who assemble cars Tip Esemka. Two units of the car assembly has now been used as the official car of Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo and Deputy Mayor of Surakarta Hadi Rudyatmo.

According Sukiyat, fund two cars from each school, which received funding from Kemendikbud. One unit costs about Rp 350 million. Engine components imported from Jakarta, who also made a Jakarta vocational students.

Then the engine block in Klaten contrived, and the engines are assembled in high school residents. The Twin Cam engine with a brand Esemka type with a capacity of 1500 cc. “It’s an injection. So that the fuel-efficiency combustion is perfect, “he said.

Starting in September 2011, the car manifold Esemka Tip Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) finished 2.5 months later. He said they were proud with the work of vocational students. It proves that Indonesia is not inferior to other nations.

With the launch Esemka Kiat, “My dream can be like Henry Ford, who could make cars,” said Sukiyat. Tip Esemka name was chosen because he took part in the manufacture of the body, which is about 80 percent of the total car assembly.

Until now, the shop does not stop working. Sukiyat want to continue to educate vocational students to be proficient assemble and can later be independent. She hopes that her students vocational graduates could be entrepreneurs based on the automotive industry.

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