Jokowi Said, Investment Esemka Trillions of Rupiah

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Private investors need to remember the value of the investments required to achieve trillions of dollars.


“This (Esemka) is not small matter. Value investing trillions of dollars,” said Surakarta Mayor Joko Widodo, Tuesday, January 10, 2012.


He claimed to investors that there are a businessman interested in Solo, there are also national entrepreneurs. There are individuals, but some are representing large corporations.


“Investors who came not kidding. They have big names,” he continued. Unfortunately the figure is familiarly called Jokowi declined to release anyone who intend to invest in car Esemka.


To be sure, he rejected the presence of foreign investors because they want to further empower the domestic industry at the local level, including home industries run vocational high school graduates.


In the selection of investors, he will forward the reputation and good name of the investor concerned. Especially reputation in the automotive field. “And of course who have money,” he said.


How many digits must be the investment required, it is still waiting for a business plan that is being compiled. The investment value refers to the production capacity will be achieved.


Recently shocked the country with the presence of Tip Esemka car. Obviously excited because the vehicle is the result of vocational high school student assembly (SMK) in Surakarta, Central Java.

However, not everyone knows the work of the nation’s children. The singer who was rising, Syahrini, the proof. When asked by reporters about the car, the singer of You Are Selecting I like the confusion and just ask. “Oh (Esemka) in Tokyo was not it?” he said at the RCTI Studio, Jakarta, January 9, 2012.

Finally, the journalists who were there to tell what car it Esemka. At that, a former friend sing duets Anang Hermansyah gave a positive response. “Oh that. Yes, I’m very supportive and always appreciate the work of the nation,” he said.

Recognized assistant, lately Syahrini not follow the news in various media Esemka car. Busy life as a singer led him to miss the information that was busy talking. Moreover Syahrini just returned from a trip to Indonesia on holiday and a show in Hong Kong.


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