Banyuwangi Regent Bought Five Cars Esemka

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Esemka car will be used by the Regional Leadership Conference officials (Muspida) to replace their old car service. The purchase cost will be allocated through the 2012 Budget Amendment was passed three months.

Anas describes the use of official cars Tip Esemka this as a form of appreciation for child domestic work. He expects other regional heads also use Esemka Kiat as the official car. “If every head of the regional purchasing five units, it will be many cars are produced and can be sold,” he said.

Anas said Kiat Esemka phenomenon has brought a positive impact for all vocational schools (SMK) in Indonesia. Students and teachers of SMK now feel more confident to work.

Banyuwangi Regent is currently using the official car type Toyota Kluger. While other Muspida leaders, such as the police chief, the chief prosecutor, and the chairman of parliament using this type of Toyota Innova.

Vice Chairman of the Parliament Banyuwangi Achmadiyono Adil said support Regents policy to replace official car by car Esemka Jokowi Kiat. “That’s a good step to use the product of the nation itself,”

Minister for State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) Dahlan Iskan has their own opinion about national car production. He said the government should not be talkative and in a hurry without having a national car based on the consideration.


According to Dahlan, the decision to produce cars in the country should be studied more deeply in various aspects. “It should be studied first, do not get emotional,” he said in an interview with a national television station in Jakarta, Tuesday, January 10, 2012.


Dahlan insisted, commercial production, especially as the national car, not only consider the aspects of production, but also marketing. “If it is produced, but no one was buying also would not survive,” said Dahlan. “Production activities also should not be a burden countries. The value of trillions, so it should be viewed carefully,”


Was also not to be tempted, even though neighboring countries like Malaysia have done. Malaysia’s Proton car, for example, looks good though, not necessarily a profit also improved. “We do not know what the benefits of the Proton Malaysia” he said. “Is it true that Proton has been lucky, or is even already spend state money? We do not know,” he said.


Dahlan also reminded, the production car, let alone national, not just euphoria. The momentum of the national car ownership is expected to not only heat up now, but later evaporated. “It must be calculated exactly how the economic conditions” he said. “Do not let pride wants, even endless humiliation of not sold on the market,” he said.


Meanwhile, Solo Mayor Joko Widodo on the same occasion expressed his support for the domestic automobile industry. “The dream we become a major manufacturing industries based cottage industry (home industry),” he said.


Jokowi believes all can be well coordinated with support from the government. He also did not want to dim the spirit of dissent is this cottage industry. “Do not break the spirit is,” he said.


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