Cars Esemka Eagles – Specifications And Price

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So race-lombalah motor vehicle manufacturers to create cars with various forms of styles and shapes, with all interior and exterior specifications that are tailored to various castes “economic” society, starting with the minimum specifications to specifications aka luxurious luxury.

However, the presence of cars in Indonesia is still dominated by foreign automakers, like Japan, which controlled almost all automotive lines in Indonesia, ranging from Honda, Toyota and Daihatsu, not to mention other countries like the USA with his Ford series or state- countries such as Korea and with a variety of car brands that describe how the national car market is still dominated by foreign products.

But thanks to the motivation to provide a car for the people of Indonesia at an affordable price, the young people who sit on the bench SMK (Vocational High School) which is a combination of 12 vocational majors Automotive, among SMKN 1 Singosari (Malang regency, East Java), vocational Residents of Surakarta (Central Java), SMKN 5 Surakarta, and SMK Muhammadiyah 2 Borobudur (Magelang, Central Java). Tips Motor Klaten holding workshops to create a car-scented Indonesia, which later was named Car ESEMKA Eagles.

While using the engine from Kia which is a machine that was used for the Timor car to Esemka Eagles first generation, but the incorporation of various components from the hands of the vocational students Esemka Eagles led automobile production that have the capability and design, no less with external products the country. Even the MCH mention that they now do not know what machine is used in Esemka Eagles to a second generation.

Eagles Esemka car which is a model Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) has the following specifications:

Specifications Esemka Eagles SUV

Length: 5035 mm

Width: 1690 mm

Height: 1630 mm

Fuel: Petrol

Engine capacity: 1,500 cc SOHC 4-cylinder multi-point injection +

Transmission: 6 (1-2-3-4-5-R)

Max Speed: 180 km / h

Max. Output: 105HP / 5,500 rpm

Max Torque: 145 Nm / 4100 RPM

Power Stearing

Central Lock System

Power Windows

Parking censor

Dual Zone Air Conditioner

+ CD Audio System

Passenger Capacity 7 + Driver

Display SUV Esemka Eagles were very gallant and pugnacious, macho at all, and not outdated. Like the blend of style between the Toyota Rush and Honda CRV. Even when compared to both these brands, Esemka has a specification that is not far behind. Even so, this car still reap the many criticisms and scathing satire.

Car Brands Esemka Eagles now held by the sole agent (ATPM), PT Solo Creative Manufacturing, and according to information will be sold in the market at a price:

Price Esemka Eagles Pick-Up Type Single / Double Cabin USD. 75 million s / d 95 million.

Price Esemka Eagles SUV type Rp. 100 Million s / d 125 Million.

Seriousness of the National Car project development Esemka Eagles, is shown by the Mayor of Solo where the car was first introduced, the father of Joko Widodo. According to the info, he was serious about holding the Proton Malaysia to improve the quality and the quality of cars Esemka Eagles.

The latest information, tips Esemka Eagles getting ogled society, proved to have ordered more than 2000 cars Esemka Tips Eagles, either type of SUV or Pick-Up Study by various parties, both individuals and companies.


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