Salomon Temple Being Reconstructed in Brazil

When Israel was towards the Promised land after being freed from Egypt, they were instructed bo God to build a “mobile temple” called the Tabernacle, so they have a place to worship, every time that camp. The people saw the Tabernacle and the temple as the place where the Spirit of God dwelt Israel had about 400 years woshiping God in this temple, however king David set out to build a house for God (2 samuel 7:2-3) God gave a word to David (1 Chronicles 28:19) he said that the temple was exceedingly magnificient to name and honor in all lands… (1 Chronicles 22:5) Te temple was destroyed and later it was rebuilt thru outh history.Jews still hope that the 3rd Temple is rebuilt, they believe that there will be an earthquake causing Jerusalem to destroy the Mos.que of Omar (Islamic), thus providing for construciton of the new temple.

The construction of the new temple in Sao Paolo Brasil started in 2009 and is predicted to be finished in May 2014.Redesigning the temple of Salomon from cites of the bible became a big challenge. From the moment they had the understanding that the original scale used by Salomon would not meet the needs of the UCKG for today 

This challenge was designed from three bases:

Divine – guided by the direction of the church and interpreting the data of the Bible, seek to bring as many elements that could actually redeem the atmosphere of the time experienced by Solomon.

Technical – the project meets all legal requirements and standards established by the competent bodies, in addition to providing accessibility to people with any type of special need.

Environmental – the project will be the first religious building of this size to seek LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) – Green Seal. This demonstrates the concern of the UCKG to the environment.

Deployed in an area of ​​approximately 28 000 m² in Celso Garcia Avenue, in the Bras neighborhood in Sao Paulo (SP), the complex, which has almost 74 thousand square meters of built area and divided into two large blocks, connected by a ship, can comfortably accommodate a little over 10 thousand people.

The numbers of this project are amazing. As an example, the volume of concrete, which will be approximately 28 000 m³, and the amount of steel to be used, which is almost 2 tons.

The front building, equipped with 11 floors, enough to measure nearly 56 feet tall, counting from the plateau of deployment – without taking into account that 7 meters down, where the two basements that behave approximately 1200 parking spaces. The building of the funds will be aligned with the ship, and reach a height of little more than 41 meters high.

Starting at the front, coming through the lobby and inside the ship, engineers and architects have created a vision that will refer patrons to the past – taking advantage of all the latest technology, combined with common sense in architecture, not to create shock times. A good example is due to the lighting of the nave, which was developed to reach a height of nearly 18 meters, without notice to the faithful lamp (since they did not exist at the time of the Temple). Materials that period as wood, stone and copper are used in large scale in the areas of the ship.

aproximate cost of this project is of 200 million dollars each column is valued in around $130 thousand dollars 

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