A Best-Selling Indian Beauty Brand Took Its Name From The Heroine of a French Opera

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Products that we use everyday are manufactured by a particular company under a distinctive name known as a brand. 

Logos jingles and ad lines familiarized brands to the public. The make advertising more aggressive. Here is how –known brands got their names.
Two partners, Hewlett and Packard, founded the reputed computer, hardware firm. Before naming the brand, they tossed a coin to decide which partner name should figures first. Hewlett won the toss and so Hewlett Packard was adopted. William Ramsey and Hamilton McKellan were partners manufacturing shoe polish. William Ramsey and his partner’s wife happened to be New Zealanders. The product was therefore named Kiwi shoe polish after the land of the Kiwi.
In 1935, farmers traveling across Punjab often stopped at a processing unit where they sold their fruit products. Soon, the processing unit became known as Kissan (farmer) and name Kissan products stuck.
This drink was originally called Bib-label lithiated lemon –lime soda. Its manufacturer then considered and rejected six alternatives. He finally noticed the upward flow of bubbles in the bottle and decided on the seventh alternative, 7-up as the new name for his drink.
Nivea derived its name from the Latin niveus, which means ` which means `snowy’. All of Nivea’s early products were white, snowy creams, locations and talc’s.
A best-selling Indian beauty brand took its name from the heroine of a French opera. The opera told the story of a beautiful Indian maiden Lakme – the French version of Lakshmi, who fell in love with an English officer. That is how Lakme beauty products got their name.
Sanyo in Japanese means `three oceans’, a name that seeks to project the brand’s international image.
Some brand names are portmanteau words, that is, they are made up pf two words. For example, Brylcreem (brilliant and cream): Compaq (compatibility and quality); Disprin (dissolvable aspirin).
The health drink Milo is named after an ancient Olympic champion. He was so strong that he carried a bullock more than 36 meters.
The programmers at Sun Micro Systems worked day and night over cups of coffee to produce a new, revolutionary computer language. The language was eventually branded Java, the American slang for coffee.


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