Do You Want Energy Immediately?

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Some sugar foods
Fruits are sugary foods. Sugary foods give energy quickly. Fruits like banana, orange, pineapple, apple and grapes are sugary foods.

Healthy –giving foods
Heath –giving foods keep us healthy. They make us strong to fight illnesses and diseases. They have vitamins and minerals in them. These help us to be healthy and to grow.
Some health- giving foods

These kinds of food are good. Good food is also called nutritious food. We must eat some of each kind of food every day. This will keep us healthy.

Fact about food
Dumplings are eaten in various forms around the world. Chinese won ton, Italian ravioli, Jewish kreplach, and polish pierogi are types of dumplings filed with meat, cheese, or vegetables.

Frankfurters were named after Frankfurt, Germany. Experience believes these sausages were first made Germany during the middle Ages. In 1000, an American vendor selling cooked Frankfurters supposedly called them 1hot dachshund sausages’’ because they resembled the long-bodied dog. Later, the term hot dog came to be used.
Hamburger was originally called Hamburg steak. It was named after Hamburg, Germany.

Hundred –year- old eggs, a delicacy in China, are preserved duck eggs. They are called are cured in the shell for about six months in a mixture of ashes, lime, sal, and tea. The curing makes the eggs taste like cheese.
Ice cream cones were first served at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904. A thin crisp waffle was rolled into a handy holder for a scoop of ice cream.

Pizza is an international favorite, originated in Italy. Pizza is the Italian word for pie.
Pretzels were first made by monks in southern Europe as a reward for students who learned their prayers. The crossed ends of a pretzel represent praying hands.

Raw fish is a favorite food of many people. The Japanese enjoy sashimi, thin slices of raw seafood. Seviche is a popular Latin –American appetizer of row fish in lime juice. Swedes prepare gravid lox, fresh salmon with dill.
Sandwiches were named after the Earl of sandwich, an English nobleman of the 1700. While playing cards, he ordered a servant to bring him two slices of bread with a piece of roast meat between them


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