My Hair Loss Journey – Minoxidil Is Not Always The Best Hair Loss Treatment For Everyone!

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 But surely and certainly, the day will come when we look at ourselves in the mirror and wonder what happened to that “beautiful mane”? The truth first comes in the comb or the sink…

My hair loss has been emotionally devastating. It was most inconvenient not to be able to replicate my favorite styles. I started my journey three years ago, when my hair started thinning. My goal was to find the best hair loss treatment, so I did some research and decided to pay a visit to a specialist for a microscopic hair analysis. I wanted to know the root causes of my condition; I wanted first to save time and money by avoiding trials and errors. The results of the analysis came to be genetic. I was recommended a treatment which contains minoxidil, and hair supplements with main ingredient, saw palmetto.

The treatment was successful for both my husband (he also was suffering from male pattern baldness) and I. Our hair grew back longer, thicker and shinier. We got a lot of compliments.

While my husband was enjoying his full head of hair, I developed an allergy to minoxidil and could no longer use it. This was just after 6 months. Even a small amount turned my scalp red and itchy. I had to stop using minoxidil. After a month or so, I started losing my hair again, back to square one. I needed to think fast to find another solution to re-grow my hair. At this point, I understood that all treatments do not work for everyone. The best hair loss treatment is a unique solution for each person and research is needed to find that solution. The success of any treatment depends on how well the person’s body tolerates the ingredients.

For my husband, minoxidil was great! It was the best hair loss treatment . For me, I needed to quickly find another option. I decided to avoid all chemicals on my scalp and go with laser or magnetic hair stimulation of the scalp, to bring blood flow to my hair follicles. I opted for laser light hair therapy. I noticed dramatic changes in my hair texture and growth within 2 months of usage, and more growth in following months.

My hair is doing well now since my scalp intolerance to minoxidil. To support my hair growth I use nourishing shampoo and conditioner. I also take a hair supplements that contains DHT blockers.

I learnt through this experience that the loss of hair is a condition that needs our constant attention and care, just like our body does when it is sick.

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