The Health Wealth Balance

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Your health is the most important factor in your life. It is true that if you lost your health then you have lost everything. This is why it is the first point that has to be talked about when tackling the question of optimal living. However, you will find that people have different understanding about health. Some agree that good health means total absence of diseases. Others can think that being fit and able to do their tasks without any problem can be called good health. Others consider good health as being able to live a long life. Regardless of the way you look at good life, you will find that good life means one thing – to be able to life your life in a more productive way which means to live a better, enriched and at the same time, optimal life.

You have to know that wealth is just the result of good health and not the other way round. You will be able to perform better only when you are healthy, therefore earning a good income. Your wealth will increase because you are healthy. This is why you will find that people have financial securities to cater for their needs when they become old since they will no longer be able to work. This is because their health will no longer be good compared with their health in their youth. People keep aside money to help them when their health begins to dwindle. This ends up at one conclusion, you will need to have good health if you want to earn more money.

Some people can have the idea that wealth can buy health for them. They imagine that it is easy to prevent diseases when someone has more money and by using the best curative methods when they fall sick. However, you will find out that even rich people do die, therefore the great leveler is health even if few people will agree with this.

As far as you are in the world, you will not be able to shun away from the idea of increasing your wealth. What you have to do to reach the optimal level is to reach at a balance between wealth and health. If you want to live a better life then you should keep this secret in your mind.

Here are some things that you must remember.

      Work to get money, but never overexert yourself.  It can be necessary to do it sometimes but people who do it every time, they do not make much of it. They are able to make money now because they are putting in double efforts, however they cannot do this for long. In the end, their own health will begin to fail them and they will not be able to continue to work as they do now, therefore their income will reduce.

      Working sometimes can take a toll on your health in many ways. When you socialize with your colleagues, you can end up with disastrous problems for your health. Draw lines between your work and your social life.

      Each morning before you go to work, take about a half hour to do meditative and stretching exercises. This is meant to keep you healthy and to help you in doing a better job.

      Find time to learn about health programs and choose the right one for you. This will turn out to be more beneficial for you than you ever imagined. 


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