Health And Nutrition North Hollywood – Can Under Eating Cause Weight Gain?

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“Can under-eating cause weight-gain? Yes. Absolutely,” says health and nutrition expert Terri Hardin Jackson of Envy Nutrition Health Center in North Hollywood. How do I know? Because I’m a product of it. Now I’m not saying this happens “all the time.” But there are a lot of people who think under-eating will make them lose weight.

When I was eighteen, that’s what I did. I could go for 3 or 4 days without eating. Then all of a sudden I’d wake up and go ‘when was the last day I ate?’ And I did not really do it to lose weight. Eating was just not a thing for me. I’m an artist and I would just prefer not to eat if I didn’t have to. So I thought ‘oh well, no big deal’ because I’ll be healthy and get skinny if I don’t eat. So many of us in the Los Angeles and North Hollywood area think that if they under eat they will lose weight. And the truth is that is just wrong. Its not right.

When you under-eat, you go under your calorie limit, which throws your body’s metabolism into what we call, ‘starvation mode.’ So it will take or attempt to take anything it can from chewing gum, for example. If you are chewing gum, your body is going to try to feed itself with the gum because it thinks you’re starving. Isn’t that just nutso?

Here at Envy Nutrition Health Center in North Hollywood what we teach a better way to lose weight is to take a lot of “tiny” meals that contain the proteins you need to feed your body. Why? Because our bodies do not produce those proteins. So, the frequent eating lets your body know that food is abundant. Once that happens, you are sitting pretty because Bumper shoots release, and all that fat goes bye bye. And that’s how you lose weight. This really is important stuff to understand, so please allow us the honor of assisting you in getting to your weight goals. Its what we live for.

If you need more explanation about how eating frequent small meals coupled with proteins can cause you to lose weight, then i strongly urge you to come over to ENVY NUTRITION Center.

Please come on over to ENVY Health and Nutrition Center in North Hollywood. Here, you’re going to find a wellness coach and nutritionist that suits you, matches you, and can work with you. And the BEST part is, your coach is FREE! We’re here to help you reach your weight and health goals. That’s what we do.

And not only that. When you come visit us here at ENVY Health and Nutrition Center North Hollywood for your first time, you get a few first time treats. You get a Body Fat Analysis, you get your choice of a healthy shake or smoothie from our 36 delightful flavors, an energy tea and a delicious aloe drink, which is great for your digestive system – all for FREE! Still not enough? Well, come in for a HUG! Everybody gets one.

So if you want to know how to lose, gain or maintain weight and are serious about it, come see us TODAY! We’re at 1135 Magnolia Boulevard, North Hollywood, near Burbank and Toluca Lake in the Television Academy Complex.


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