No-Nonsense Dieting Tips

NoNonsense Dieting

Not long ago I had a real scare, I was at work in a meeting and had just had a second helping of cake.

Thirty minutes later I was writhing in agony on the bathroom floor, not able to sit, stand or lay comfortably. It was a pain in my upper chest that I just could not relieve – even by trying to be sick.

After an hour it had passed, but I was severely shook up. Later, after an appointment with a doctor, her gave me medication to help relieve excessive production of stomach acids. Since then I’ve been very wary of consuming too many carbs such as sugars, pastries, bread, pasta, rice, but even then have had two or three further events when my attention has slipped.

I’m still over weight, but for a period I did lose in a consistent basis, a significant amount of weight and I believe that I know how to do it again and again, in fact since Christmas, I’m doing it again, all one needs is will-power and a commitment to stick at a healthy eating regime.

Here are the simple rules:

Try to achieve;

Low/No fats; for example cut out choc, oils (butter, spreads, cheese), fizzy drinks especially not low cal.

Low/no carbs, limit yourself to one slice of bread/day, or cut out entirely all white stuff (bread, pasta, rice)

NO processed foods, a big no-no!

But lots of fruit, veg, salads, meat, fish,

Check the labels:

Aim for less than 10gm fat/100ml

And less than 100kcal sugars per 100ml.

Most important aim;

Beware of hidden sugars in processed/diet/lo-fat processed foods, try to achieve the consumption of NO processed foods at all.

Peer pressure can help a great deal and it is very beneficial is to be in a group and weigh yourself each week, this gives a tremendous boost to self-motivation when you can see weight being lost week on week. Don’t underestimate the effect of peer pressure by being around others who are all trying to achieve the same result. The effects of competition can be so beneficial.

I assure you that by following the tips above you WILL lose weight, using only a strong desire to lose weight and a full commitment.

Article to be continued ……….

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